C’Yani and Meek: A Dangerous Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - She decides to enjoy a night out with her sister that ends up in a disaster as well. Two months later, a man enters her life and is the exact type she’s sworn off. Will c’yani go back to living in a bubble or will the love she has for the new man make her stay where she is? Her past can’t seem to stay there, while her future has skeletons of his own.

It’s nowhere near a love connection between the two. C’yani bailey is your average workaholic and will do anything, for anyone. The man in her life doesn’t seem to care and finds comfort elsewhere; leaving her to deal with the devastation alone. However; society portrays her to be conceited, a woman who turns her nose up and looks down on others that aren’t in her position.

C'Yani and Meek: A Dangerous Hood Love - However, c’yani decides to step out her comfort zone and ends up in a world she knew nothing about. She enjoys the ride, but the obstacles to staying happy, constantly overshadow the relationship. Unfortunately; it’s the exact opposite of who she really is. Something tragic happens in her life, which makes her shut down.

C'Yani and Meek 2: A Dangerous Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - Fortunately for her, but when his ex does the unthinkable to his father, Meek has done everything in his power to keep Kim away from C’Yani, he has no idea of the danger lurking in the shadows. Meek can’t seem to catch a break. He came into her life, turned her world upside down and showed her what real love is.

C’yani finally met the man of her dreams. Will meek get there in time to save her, or is Kim going to get what she really wants; which is Meek and the family she dreamed of with him? She does something to Teri that finally opens her eyes to the type of person Jasmine is. The video his ex showed him of C’Yani left him devastated and sent him somewhere he least expected, which lands him in more trouble.

C'Yani and Meek 2: A Dangerous Hood Love - In the midst of the drama, secrets come out that will not only open up old wounds for Jasmine but cause the very same people to find her. With kim still out there, time is of the essence when she finally tracks C’Yani down. When the smoke clears, he regrets everything and tries to win the love of his life back.

Teri and shakim’s relationship is on the rocks, thanks to her best friend who has tried any and everything to destroy it. Nothing could bring her down, except the crazy ex who has been a problem since the very beginning.

C'Yani and Meek 3: A Dangerous Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - However; things get chaotic and C’Yani has to find a way to escape the drama. Meek finally popped the question and everything was perfect until his ex found a way to interrupt their happiness. It draws a lot of tension between the mother and son, but when Shakim witnesses the hatred his mother has, nothing will stop him from making sure Teri doesn’t leave and his mom suffers.

In this explosive finale, find out if c’yani will stay in this Dangerous Hood Love or will she say enough is enough? She tries using it to her advantage but not without consequences she won’t be able to escape. Teri comes to grips with the fact her and Shakim’s mother will never be friends. But how can she when people are coming for her at every angle?Meek has done everything to keep his woman safe, yet; they still try to get her.

C'Yani and Meek 3: A Dangerous Hood Love - Embarrassed and humiliated, C’Yani runs out and straight into the person she least expects; Kim. Him and his family have searched high and low and nothing. One by one, he gets rid of them but his biggest problem seems to have dropped off the planet. That is until Kim plays the victim in a situation she caused.

Sadly, tionne can’t deal with her son’s choice and feel she’s being secretive and cheating on him.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl 2: A Crazy Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - Kandy doesn’t want to see him happy and has done any and everything to make him fail. Someone gets caught in the crossfire and not sure if the person will survive Jamaica and Kruz go harder than ever to find the person in charge. He was the piece to her puzzle and the perfect match in her eyes. They moved forward after the storm Zahra brought but is it over?Kruz has a lot to deal with now that his relationship seems to be on track.

Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong, and Sasha is caught in the middle. However; the perfect relationship came with problems stemming from Kruz’s past. Rhythm found the true love she’s been waiting for. His mother is still on board with his ex for some reason. When nothing works, she goes about it a different way, and all hell breaks loose in the last place anyone expects.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl 2: A Crazy Hood Love - Will the truth ever come out on why she’s riding hard for Zahra or will it remain hidden?Kalila and Jamaica are riding high in their relationship, or so they thought.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl: A Crazy Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - She stays away from drama unless necessary and her worst enemy is her best friends sister. Unfortunately; she assumed the hold on his heart would never be broken and she was correct until one woman stepped in by accident and turned his world upside down. However; zahra and her sister can’t stand one another but when she needs kalila’s help, will the animosity they have towards one another stand in the way? Kruz Garcia is every woman’s fantasy and even though he’s a savage in the streets, no one could take him away from the love of his life, Zahra.

This woman had him feeling things Zahra didn’t, and that became a problem for his ex, who now wanted to do destroy his happiness. She’s the only woman who can make him weak, and she knows it. Rhythm mitchell is a single mom who works, comes home and spends time with her son. Her last boyfriend, hurt her bad, so she swore off men and had no problem being alone.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl: A Crazy Hood Love - Will the love he once had for her outweigh the damage she’s gonna cause, or will he show her his savage ways once the truth comes out? Zahra feels like rhythm has been around too long, which interfered with bonding moments with her sister.

Snatched Up By A Bad Boy

Royalty Publishing House - Even though brynlee is a hood girl at heart, getting out the hood has always been number one on her to-do list. Can the two be what the other truly needs or will they just settle for what they’re already used to? He went from the slums to the mansion but still, he is missing someone to share it with. In this love tale, you have two people from the same background but different walks of life.

Now at the age of 25, she has done just that. She has it all, about the one thing she desires so desperately, but she is consistently left wondering, am I really happy? Is my life complete?After getting into it with her fiancé Troy, she decides that it is time to let her hair down and escape reality for a while.

Snatched Up By A Bad Boy - Big house, dream job, and even engaged to her college boyfriend. But what she isn’t prepared for is the person she finds herself bumping into. Sawyer mcknight, the neighborhood’s bad boy, is now the hood’s hottest rapper.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - Will these two broken hearts find love in each other, or will their pasts keep them from the best love they could ever have? However, when a total stranger risks her life to help him, he finds himself enthralled with the beauty who swooped in to save the day. Sova blow is fed up with love. After witnessing his fiancée’s death and being left alone to raise his daughter, falling in love again is the last thing on his mind.

After wasting her best years on men who couldn’t see her worth, she decides to focus on herself while enjoying the single life. Supreme Boss has sworn off love. That is until unusual circumstances place the alluring Supreme into her world and leaves her wondering if love isn't so bad after all. They say when someone isn’t looking for love, that is exactly when they find it.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl 3: A Crazy Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - Unfortunately; the drama doesn’t stop there. If that’s not enough; Kruz finds Sasha and believes Rhythm was aware of her whereabouts. Her sons father is accusing her of not keeping their son safe and has vowed to remove him from the only place he knows as home. However; when they finally come face to face will he be able to do the exact thing he’s been waiting for, or will the love he once had for her make him rethink everything?Follow the crew in this explosive finale, and find out if A Savage Falling for A Good Girl is worth the trouble they’ve dealt with, or is it best to walk away? .

It causes turmoil in their relationship; which is exactly what Zahra wants. Kalila assumed her worries were over when it came to Jamaica’s ex but the game with her has just begun. In a race against time to get away, Kalila decides to take a different route home, which may lead her the wrong way. Kruz is fed up with zahra and after finding out the secret she held over his moms head, he wants nothing more than to end her life.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl 3: A Crazy Hood Love - Trying to keep a low profile until Kandy is caught, she ends up finding Kalila in a place anyone least expected. Once again Rhythm finds herself in a bad situation.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love 2

Leo Sullivan Presents - However, oma, he quickly realizes that once feelings become involved, when he takes a chance on one of his regulars, they’re hard to control. When sova and diva are taken, Supreme must act fast to save two of the three most important women in his life. With savior shot and his life hanging in the balance, or will mink sneak in and steal her heart?Mink isn’t the relationship type, will Karti realize that she has more feelings for him than she thought, and he’s sure to let every woman that he encounters know it.

. Unfortunately, while on his warpath, he’s hit with an unexpected distraction that could hinder the process and do more harm than good. However, deceit, once lies, and disloyalty are thrown into the mix, they may cheat themselves out of the best love they could ever have. Afraid to fall in love, he continues to revert to his doggish ways until it lands him in a position he never saw coming.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love 2 - Everyone has one thing in common—they’re searching for love, even if they believe otherwise. Will he allow it to ruin his blossoming love with sova, or will he see through the smoke and mirrors?Kartier is torn between two men; one who is unlike any man she’s dealt with, and another who she has no business dealing with but can’t seem to help herself.

Can't Stop the Love of A Boss

Leo Sullivan Presents - Pain is the man on the street with women at his disposal. Even though pain can have his pick of the litter when it comes to women, he still decides to bite the forbidden fruit by crossing the line with Lawrynn’s cousin Nikki. Maurice “murder” jackson is a boss in his own right and carried himself as such.

The only problem is that her heart led her to the wrong man. Never one to force what isn’t meant to be, Lawrynn has no problem walking away from a relationship that just wasn’t in the cards. Never speaking unless a point had to be made, everything he said and did had a rhyme and reason behind it. There is an unspoken code that men and women are supposed to follow:Men: Bros before HoesWomen: Sisters before MistersIs there ever a reason why anyone should go against the grain in the name of love?Lawrynn is the epitome of a good girl; brains, beauty, and a banging body.

Can't Stop the Love of A Boss - The ladies will find out that no matter how hard you try, you Can’t Stop The Love Of A Boss. The total package. Murder had warned pain about his philandering ways in the streets and the risk of losing his girl to a real man, but what happens when that real man is none other than Murder himself?What happens when lines of The G Code are crossed? One thing is for sure, the same thing that makes you laugh will definitely make you cry.

Lost In That Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - More money than he can spend in a lifetime and women at his beck and call. Will they be able to maintain balance, or will the chaos of it all be too much and take them under? Chaos from the streets slithers into the mix of the drama in his personal life, and Crane quickly realizes that it might all be too much to handle on his own.

These twin brothers have always had each other's back, and nothing has changed for them other than the fact that there may be another Andrews who needs the same protection. Although crane loves and is very much dedicated to his fiance, he often finds himself sharing a bed with other women. When paths cross, and his worlds collide, Crane has to do damage control.

They say you find what you need when you stop looking, and that is definitely the case when Cage crosses paths with Desai. Not to mention the fact that his twin brother is still heavily in the streets, placing Cage, in the middle of a situation that is threatening to pull him back into the life he promised to never return to.

Lost In That Hood Love - Can cage learn to balance his new responsibilities and keep the drama at bay, or will he be forced to choose between responsibilities and love?Crane Andrews is still deep in the streets and had no plans to quit living the fast life anytime soon. In less than twenty-four hours, which he wasn’t expecting, Cage's priorities change with the birth of his son, and a chance encounter with a woman who quickly piques his interest.

Until now, he has always been able to keep that side of his life hidden. After leaving the streets alone, Cage Andrews' life is perfect in his eyes.