El Norte The Criterion Collection

Criterion Collection 5068517 - Brother and sister enrique and rosa flee persecution at home in Guatemala and journey north, through Mexico and on to the United States, with the dream of starting a new life. It s a story that happens every day, but until gregory Nava's groundbreaking El Norte The North, the personal travails of immigrants crossing the border to America had never been shown in the movies with such urgent humanism.

Genre: foreign Video - Spanish/Misc. All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic. Shipping weight: 1. 00 lbs. Manufacturer: CRITERION. Director-approved special edition features: new, restored high-definition digital transfer supervised and approved by director Gregory Nava New audio commentary featuring Nava In the Service of the Shadows: The Making of El Norte: a new video program featuring interviews with Nava, actors Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez and David Villalpando, producer and cowriter Anna Thomas, and set designer David Wasco Wall of Silence, a new short documentary by Nava and Barbara Martinez Jitner, concerning the building of the wall along the U.

El Norte The Criterion Collection - S. Mexico border the journal of diego rodriguez silva, the 1972 award-winning student film by nava gallery of Chipas location-scouting photographs Theatrical trailer New and improved English subtitle translation PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by novelist Héctor Tobar and Roger Ebert's 1983 review of the film Brand name: criterion collection inc mfg#: 715515034722.

A work of social realism imbued with dreamlike imagery, heartbreaking story of hope and survival, El Norte is a lovingly rendered, which critic Roger Ebert called a Grapes of Wrath for our time.

Under The Same Moon la Misma Luna

Fox Searchlight 4033768 - As he journeys from his rural Mexican village to the L. A. Unaware that rosario is only hours away from returning to Mexico to be with her son; Carlitos and Enrique desperately comb the vast unfamiliar city for a place he has seen only in his imagination. Barrio; carlitos faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles with a steely determination and unfettered optimism that earn him the grudging respect and affection of a reluctant protector; a middle-aged migrant worker named Enrique Derbez.

Seeking a way to provide for their families. Shrink-wrapped. In her feature film debut; director patricia Riggen weaves their parallel stories into a vividly textured tapestry of yearning and devotion that portrays a child's courage and tenacity; and a mother's sacrifice. Nine-year-old carlos aka carlitos Alonso is one of the countless children left behind by parents who come to the U.

Under The Same Moon la Misma Luna - S. When the death of his grandmother leaves young Carlitos alone; he takes his fate into his own hands and heads north across the border to find his mother. The unlikely pair finds its way from Tucson to East L. A. But the only clue carlitos has to his mother's whereabouts is her description of the street corner from which she has called him each Sunday for the last four years.

Sin Nombre

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment 5821565 - Together they have to rely on faith, trust and street smarts if they are to survive their increasingly perilous journey towards the hope of new lives. Shrink-wrapped. Seeking the promise of america, a beautiful young woman, Sayra Paulina Gaitan, joins her father on an odyssey to cross the gauntlet of the Latin American countryside.

Sin Nombre - Along the way, she crosses paths with a teenaged Mexican gang member, El Casper Edgar M. Flores, who is maneuvering to outrun his violent past. Shrink-wrapped.

A Better Life DVD

Summit Inc/Lionsgate - Shrink-wrapped. Carlos galindo always dreamed of a better life for his wife and newborn son when he crossed the border into the US. But when his wife left him, Carlos's only goal became to make sure his son Luis was given the opportunities he never had. Region 1 u. S. From the director of about a boy comes a touching, multi-generational story that follows father and son as they embark on a physical and spiritual journey where they discover that family is the most important part of the American dream.

Shrink-wrapped. Pg-13. English & English Subtitles. Multiple formats, color, subtitled, Dolby, anamorphic, aC-3, NTSC, Widescreen.97 minutes. And Canada only.

Even the Rain

Image Entertainment 25828051 - Factory sealed DVD. Multiple formats, color, dolby, NTSC, anamorphic, aC-3, Subtitled, Widescreen.97 minutes. English & English Subtitles. But as filming commences, the local citizens begin to riot in protest against a multi-national corporation that is taking control of their water supply. Pg-13. Shrink-wrapped.

With the film shoot in jeopardy, both men find their convictions shaken. Shrink-wrapped. Idealistic filmmaker sebastian gael garcia bernal, the motorcycle Diaries and his cynical producer Costa Luis Tosar, The Limits of Control arrive in Bolivia to make a revisionist film about Christopher Columbus’ conquest of the Americas.

Even the Rain - . Region 1 u. S. Inspired by the real-life water wars in bolivia in the year 2000, EVEN THE RAIN explores the lasting effects of Spanish imperialism, still resonating some 500 years later in the continued struggle of indigenous people against oppression and exploitation. And Canada only.

Carol's Journey

Film Movement 2577859 - Her innocence and rebellious nature drive her at first to reject a world that is at once new and foreign, and a young local boy, the village teacher, but she soon journeys into adulthood through a friendship with Maruja, Tomiche. And Canada only. Shrink-wrapped. Separated from her beloved father, Carol arrives in her mother's home village and transforms the secretive family environment.

Factory sealed DVD. However, her eyes are opened to a shocking new world of excitement, as conditions in the village deteriorate, intrigue and danger. Pg-13. Multiple formats, anamorphic, Dolby, aC-3, Color, Subtitled, NTSC, Widescreen.97 minutes. Shrink-wrapped. Region 1 u. S. English & English Subtitles. Bonus features include a complementary short film, and Bio, Director's Statement, amongst other features.

Carol's Journey - Shrink-wrapped. Carol, a 12-year-old spanish-american girl from New York, travels with her mother to Spain in the spring of 1938, at the height of the Civil War.

The Motorcycle Diaries Widescreen Edition

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment - Shrink-wrapped. Region 1 u. S. And Canada only. Based on a true life story, The Motorcycle Diaries is an inspiring and thrilling adventure that traces the youthful origins of a revolutionary spirit. Pg-13. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. From executive producer robert redford and acclaimed director Walter Salles Central Station comes a life-changing journey that critics are hailing as "Magnificent!" Peter Travers, Rolling Stone Shrink-wrapped.

The motorcycle Diaries. The film follows two daring friends, ernesto "che" guevara gael garcía Bernal, Y Tu Mama Tambien and Alberto Granado Rodrigo de la Serna, who hop on the back of a beat-up motorcycle for a breathtaking and exciting road trip across Latin America. Multiple formats, ac-3, anamorphic, Color, Subtitled, NTSC, Dolby, Widescreen.

The Motorcycle Diaries Widescreen Edition - 97 minutes. English & English Subtitles.

The Official Story

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Region 1 u. S. Factory sealed DVD. And Canada only. English & English Subtitles. The motorcycle Diaries. Shrink-wrapped. Set in buenos aires during the final years of argentina's military dictatorship, luis Puenzo's Academy Award-winning debut tells the story of the wife of a wealthy businessman who discovers that their adopted child may be the progeny of a desaparecido a victim of the forced disappearances that occurred during Argentina's last military dictatorship, forcing her to reveal the truth about her country's legacy of corruption and murder.

The Official Story - Pg-13. Multiple formats, color, dolby, aC-3, Subtitled, NTSC, anamorphic, Widescreen.97 minutes.

Maria Full of Grace DVD

HBO Studios 2221204 - Pg-13. Region 1 u. S. Multiple formats, subtitled, aC-3, Dolby, anamorphic, NTSC, Color, Widescreen.97 minutes. The motorcycle Diaries. Factory sealed DVD. English & English Subtitles. The ruthless world of international drug trafficking proves to be more than Maria bargained for as she becomes ultimately entangled with both drug cartels and immigration officials.

And Canada only. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Desperate to leave her job stripping thorns from flowers in a rose plantation, Maria accepts a lucrative offer to transport packets of heroin-which she must swallow-to the United States. Maria full Of Grace. Maria full of grace dvddrama maria alvarez catalina Sandino, a bright, spirited 17-year old, lives with three generations of her family in a cramped house in rural Colombia.

Maria Full of Grace DVD - The dramatic thriller builds toward a conclusion so powerful and revealing it could only be based on a thousand true stories. Shrink-wrapped.

The Harvest/La Cosecha

Cinema Libre 881394113527 - Shrink-wrapped. Genre: documenTARY. The harvest/la cosecha profiles these three as they journey from the scorching heat of Texas onion fields to the winter snows of the Michigan apple orchards and back south to the humidity of Florida's tomato fields to follow the harvest. Shrink-wrapped. Zulema, perla and victor labor as migrant farm workers, sacrificing their own childhoods to help their families survive.

. Brand name: ingram entertainment Mfg#: 881394113527. From the producers of the academy-award® nominated film, this award-winning documentary provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of these children who struggle to dream while working 12 14 hours a day, WAR/DANCE and Executive Producer Eva Longoria, 7 days a week to feed America.

The Harvest/La Cosecha - Shrink-wrapped. Multiple formats, ntsc, anamorphic, Color, aC-3, Dolby, Subtitled, Widescreen.97 minutes. Every year there are more than 400, 000 American children who are torn away from their friends, schools and homes to pick the food we all eat. Manufacturer:. All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic.

Pg-13. Shipping weight: 0

Like Water for Chocolate

Miramax Lionsgate 30479 - When tita is forced to make the wedding cake; she discovers she can do strange things with her cooking. Shipping weight: 017 lbs. Region 1 u. S. Pedro marries tita's sister; but lets tita know he only married her sister to be closer to her. Brand name: ingram entertainment Mfg#: 881394113527. English & English Subtitles.

Like Water for Chocolate - All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic. Shrink-wrapped. Manufacturer:. Tita and pedro want to get married; but tita has to take care of her aging mother & is not allowed to marry. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. And Canada only. Multiple formats, ntsc, subtitled, Color, anamorphic, aC-3, Dolby, Widescreen.

97 minutes. The motorcycle Diaries. Maria full Of Grace. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Pg-13.