Goodnight Underwear Bear in Underwear

Blue Apple Books - An outdoor sleepover with treats and songs! such a beautiful night! What could possibly go wrong? It's all good, goofy fun for the ever-popular Bear-in-Underwear gang in this un-classic homage to the ultimate classic goodnight book. Once upon a time there was a Bear who found a forest clearing where. And when bear says goodnight to everything and everyone, guess what he saves his last goodnight for? His beloved tighty-whities, of course! This perfect giggling-before-bedtime book will have kids falling asleep with smiles on their faces - and dreaming silly dreams! Used book in Good Condition.

There were seven mats to serve as beds, for seven friends to rest their heads.

Bear In Underwear

Blue Apple Books - Best-selling pop artist todd goldman makes his Blue Apple Books debut with this zany story about a bear, a backpack filled with underwear, and a group of furryfriends who cheer him on. Readers of all ages will love goldman's bold, comicillustrations, and the printed fabric "tighty-whities" on the book's cover will have young readers squealing with delight.

Goldman's popular bear in Underwear plush toys, t-shirts, and other merchandise is sold worldwide.

Bear In Long Underwear Bear in Underwear

Blue Apple Books - The star of bear in Underwear and Bear in Pink Underwear returns in another adventure. And now, all his pals want cool long underwear of their own. It's wintertime, and Bear and his friends go outside to play in the snow. As bear sheds his clothes in order to dress his newly-built snowman, he's left--not with his signature tighty-whities--but with LONG underwear.

Veggies with Wedgies

Little Simon - This hilarious story is perfect for children transitioning from diapers to underwear—and of course for those big kids who already sport it. And fun. But how? on their heads? Their arms? They will have to wiggle around to get a perfect fit. And a wedgie is REALLY funny. Especially on a veggie. What could be funnier than a vegetable wearing underwear? A veggie with a wedgie, of course!When Farmer John puts out his underwear to dry, he has no idea that it will draw the curiosity of all the vegetables on the farm.

They think underwear looks cool. And they desperately want to wear it. Because, after all, underwear IS funny.

Bear in Pink Underwear

Blue Apple Books - The star of bear in underwear is back in another zany adventure, this time on the soccer field. Will bear still wear his lucky underwear? Kids will love Goldman's bold illustrations, comic sensibility, and the return of their favorite bear! Used book in Good Condition. Bear's lucky white boxers turn PINK in a laundry mishap, his teammates are embarrassed, and members of the other team tease him.

Peas on Earth

Robin Corey Books FBA-|276249 - The artwork is colorful, charming, and perfect for the board book crowd. And it will resonate more as they grow older. Used book in Good Condition. Peas on earth uses a simple play on words to portray the basic concepts of peace, getting along with all kinds of people, harmony, and being green in a manner that young kids will grasp.

And, as an added value, there is a simple pop-up at the end of the book. Adult caregivers will chuckle over the peas/peace references while young children will relate to the important messages about our earth and those of us who live on it.

What Color is Bear's Underwear? Bear in Underwear

Blue Apple Books - What's bear to do? there are seven days in a week, the green, or blue or white, red, or the blue? How about the polka-dotted pair? Whatever pair Bear chooses, and Bear has seven different pair of underwear! Should he wear the red ones, one thing is certain: wearing underwear is DYN-O-MITE! Used book in Good Condition.

. Used book in Good Condition.

Bear's Underwear Mystery: A Count-and-Find-It Adventure

Blue Apple Books - Used book in Good Condition. A mysterious message arrives for bear, inviting him on a scavenger hunt for--what else?--underwear! Bear must find all 10 pairs in order to make his way to the Fun-to-wear, a party about underwear. A rhyming text, cartoon-style illustrations, and side tabs add further fun for younger kids.

Used book in Good Condition.