Margaret Wise Brown’s The Whispering Rabbit Little Golden Book

Golden Books - Golden Books. A bunny-rific bedtime story from the author of goodnight Moon!Margaret Wise Brown's sweet, poetic tale about a little bunny and why he has to whisper was origininally published in the classic Golden Book The Golden Sleepy Book. Now newly illustrated in dreamy, seasonal pastels, this story is being reissued to delight the next generation of Little Golden Books fans.

Home for a Bunny Little Golden Book

Golden Books - Follow margaret wise brown's furry, lovable bunny on his springtime journey to find a home in this Little Golden Book classic!Generations of children have followed this adorable bunny in this classic story from the author of Goodnight Moon. A family favorite since 1956, margaret Wise Brown's simple yet playful tale is brought to life by Garth Williams's exquisite artwork.

Margaret Wise Brown's Manners Little Golden Book

Golden Books - Even the youngest children will quickly understand the message, brought to them in a gentle and amusing way. Simple text uses opposites to illustrate a good way and a not-so-good way to wait in line, eat at the table, behave at a party, and treat an animal. In this witty book by margaret Wise Brown, adorable animal characters show how good manners can open up the world to a child.

By the author of goodnight Moon—who knew a thing or two about how to reach and teach young readers. From the author of goodnight moon: a never-before-published story!   There is a way to close your mouth when you chew and a way not to close your mouth when you chew. Golden.

The Secret Garden Little Golden Book

Golden Books - Golden. Based on frances hodgson burnett’s 1911 children’s novel, this retelling, simply and warmly written, will charm young readers. A picture book retelling of the beloved classic children's story—a perfect introduction for the youngest readers. They’ll fall in love with Mary, her gentle friend Dickon, and the beautiful garden they bring to life.

And the lush pictures by brigette Barrager, illustrator of Uni the Unicorn,  will let young children feel they've entered the garden themselves. A key!” cried Mary. Is it the key to the secret garden?”   This story of a key that leads a lonely girl to a secret garden is a beloved children’s classic.

The Secret Garden Little Golden Book - Golden Books.

Richard Scarry's Naughty Bunny Little Golden Book

Golden Books - When they were first published in 1942, high-quality books for children hadn't been available at a price most people could afford. Golden Books. Richard scarry's naughty bunny is now back in print as a Little Golden Book!Beloved Richard Scarry has created one of his most endearingly naughty characters ever.

Today, and new original stories--the classics of tomorrow, little Golden Books feature beloved classics such as The Poky Little Puppy and Scuffy the Tugboat,  hot licenses, ready to be discovered between their sturdy cardboard covers and gold-foil spines. Little bunny doesn't deliberately try to be naughty, but more often than not, that's exactly what happens.

Richard Scarry's Naughty Bunny Little Golden Book - . Golden. Created by such talented writers as margaret Wise Brown author of Goodnight Moon and Richard Scarry, Little Golden Books have helped millions of children develop a lifelong love of reading. Whether he is startling his mother with a loud TV, drawing on the wall, or making a fuss at nap time, this little bunny proves that even the naughtiest of children can be the most loveable.

Little golden books have been loved by children for over 75 years. Little golden books changed that! priced at just 25 cents and sold where people shopped every day, they caused an instant sensation and were soon purchased by the hundreds of thousands.

The Shy Little Kitten Little Golden Books

Golden Books - Golden. Golden Books. The shy little kitten, with illustrations by the renowned Gustaf Tenggren, was originally published in 1946. This beloved best-selling little golden Book tells the tale of a shy little kitten who meets a mole, a puppy, a frog, and a squirrel in one adventure-filled day.8 x 7. 5 x. 2.

Grandpa Bunny Disney Classic Little Golden Book

Golden/Disney - Originally published in 1951, this vintage little Golden Book tells the touching story of Great-Grandpa Bunny Bunny, who teaches each new generation of bunnies how to prepare for the coming spring. Featuring classic disney illustrations and sweet, simple text, this title will delight new and old Disney fans alike! Golden.

Golden Books. Great product!8 x 7. 5 x. 2.

The Wild Swans Little Golden Book

Golden Books - Golden. 8 x 7. 5 x. 2. From the golden book archives comes a hans christian andersen fairy tale, gloriously illustrated by Gordon Laite in the late 1960s but never published until now!   Gordon Laite’s breathtaking artwork for a Little Golden Book edition of the Andersen fairy tale was found recently in the Golden Books archive.

Planned for a 1970 release but never published, this little golden Book is finally making its debut for today’s fairy tale fans! And it couldn’t be a lovelier retelling of the story of a determined princess whose loyalty saves her brothers from being turned into swans by an evil queen. Golden Books.

The Wild Swans Little Golden Book - Great product! .

Mister Dog: The Dog Who Belonged to Himself A Little Golden Book

Western Publishing Company, Inc. - This quirky, breathtakingly illustrated story is one of Margaret Wise Brown’s best. Once upon a time there was a funny dog named Crispin’s Crispian. Golden Books. Great product! . Golden. 8 x 7. 5 x. 2. Little Golden Book. He was named crispin’s Crispian because he belonged to himself. So begins the story of a dog who runs bang into a little boy, who also belongs to himself.

Richard Scarry's The Bunny Book Little Golden Book

Golden Books - Perfect for springtime gift-giving! Golden. Little Golden Book. Golden Books. Great product! This richard scarry golden book is a bunny-rific addition to any reading list!a favorite richard Scarry Little Golden Book is now in print in a gorgeous Big Golden Book edition! Long a popular Little Golden Book, the tale of a large bunny family wondering what their baby will grow up to be is one of Richard Scarry's best-and is now available in a deluxe hardcover edition.

Little Golden Book. 8 x 7. 5 x. 2.

The Golden Egg Book Big Little Golden Book

Golden Books - 8 x 7. 5 x. 2. He was all alone. One day he found an egg. Great product! Golden Books. A golden classic about a bunny—and a little duck that is about to hatch!Once there was a little bunny. What was it? the tale of a bunny's discovery of a mysterious egg--a Big Golden Book beloved by generations--is available for the first time in the Little Golden Book line, with its original illustrations by Caldecott Medalist Leonard Weisgard.

He could hear something moving inside the egg. Little Golden Book. Golden Books. Little Golden Book. This springtime classic by the author of Goodnight Moon is now perfectly sized for Easter baskets! Golden.