Mildred Cable: Through the Jade Gate Christian Heroes: Then & Now

Whether speaking the truth to a brutal general who held her prisoner, building self-sustaining Christian communities, educating generations of Chinese girls, intelligence, or traveling the ancient Silk Road on a mule cart, Mildred followed Jesus with grit, determination, and faith. To her right the great Wall wound east for fourteen hundred miles until it reached the Yellow Sea.

Instead she served the people of China through wars and revolutions. Standing atop a mound of rocks, Mildred wrapped her blue padded jacket tightly around her and squinted against the sand-laden wind. She would enter this feared place in peace God was here too. Missionary trio mildred cable 1878-1952 and evangeline and Franscesca French were the first Englishwomen to cross the infamous Gobi Desert, living for years among the diverse peoples of northwestern China in places few Europeans ever reached.

Educated and rich, Mildred Cable once planned to be a concert pianist. Before her lay the rocks and sand of the vast Gobi Desert.

Isobel Kuhn: On the Roof of the World Christian Heroes: Then & Now

Written for ages 10 and up -- enjoyed by adults! As a fourteen-year-old intent on living a "modern" life, the last thing Isobel Kuhn wanted to grow up to be was a missionary. After more than twenty years of ministry, Isobel returned to the United States, writing stirring stories of faith that have inspired generations of readers.

. Convinced that god wanted her to preach the gospel as a China Inland missionary, Isobel bravely served among the Lisu people in remote mountainous regions of China and Thailand. But as it turned out, this young agnostic's life was redirected -- from crisis and doubt to hope and strength.

Charles Mulli Christian Heroes: Then & Now

With an extraordinary will, the young Kenyan struggled to feed and educate himself and, encountering hope in the gospel, found a reason to live and to forgive. Later, as a multimillionaire and father of eight, the entrepreneur sold his businesses to devote himself to caring for street children throughout Kenya.

Since 1989, esther, have taken into their protection thousands of the most vulnerable through Mully Children’s Family, Charles and his wife, revealing in the midst of brokenness God’s astonishing redemptive power 1949 - . This best-selling, challenging, missionary biography series - Christian Heroes: Then & Now - chronicles the exciting, and deeply touching true stories of ordinary men and women whose trust in God accomplished extraordinary exploits for His kingdom and glory.

Pages: 192 paperback Ages: 10+. When charles mulli was a child, and he lived in fear of his abusive, his family repeatedly abandoned him, alcoholic father.

Ida Scudder: Healing Bodies, Touching Hearts Christian Heroes: Then & Now

Don't any of you say i will be, because I won't -- never, ever, ever. Ida had never forgotten the faces of starving Indian children. She hated india -- it was full of horrible situations she could do nothing about. Ida scudder was sure she would never follow in the footsteps of her medical missionary father.

She pioneered a first-rate medical school and hospital, brought life-saving health care to rural people, and left an inspiring legacy that still touches missions of people each year with healing and hope. But when she witnessed indian women dying because their religious beliefs didn't allow male doctors to treat them, "God, if You want me to, Ida heard herself pray, I will spend the rest of my life in India trying to help these women.

Serving for nearly sixty years, Dr. Her friends were wrong. Ida scudder lived out the truth and compassion found in Christ. I will not be a missionary to India like my parents!" she retorted. Written for ages 10 and up -- enjoyed by adults. Ida stamped her foot.

Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China Christian Heroes: Then & Now

Ten-year old lottie moon had seen too much bitterness and gossip among churchgoers to want anything to do with religion or God. In fact, if there was a single way to waste a life, Lottie told herself, being a missionary was it. In a twist that only god could orchestrate, this spirited young girl who grew up to become the most educated woman in the American South would ultimately find her calling as a missionary to China.

As lottie watched her fellow missionaries fall to disease, mental breakdowns, exhaustion, and death, she became just as dedicated to educating Christians about the often preventable tragedies of missionary life as she was to educating Chinese people about the Christian life. The sacrificial service of the unforgettable Lottie Moon has inspired and enabled countless others to give their all for the dream of seeing the whole world reached with the gospel.


Amy Carmichael: Rescuer of Precious Gems Christian Heroes: Then & Now

How could she have known she would never see him or the British Isles again? Amy was certain God had called her to India. The story of this young woman from Northern Ireland is a brilliant, sparkling example of God's love generously poured out to "the least of these among us. ". Indeed! india would be home for the rest of her life.

Amy's life was marked by a simple, determined obedience to God, regardless of circumstances. Her story and legacy are stunning reminders of the impact of one person who will fear God and nothing else. Driven by love and compassion, and sustained by faith and determination, Amy Carmichael defied the cruel barriers of India's caste system.

Amy carmichael stood on the deck of the steamer, waving good-bye once again to her old friend Robert Wilson.

John Flynn: Into the Never Never Christian Heroes: Then & Now

While studying to be a minister, John Flynn longed to apply his training to help people in practical ways. Soon he discovered that his mission field was inside his own countrythe vast and dangerous outback, or Never Never, where life-and-death struggles were a constant reality.

Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt Christian Heroes: Then & Now

Do you mean to say you have no food for tomorrow?" the Egyptian man sputtered. During fifty tumultuous years, the Mother of the Nile cared for thousands of desperate children, with unwavering faith that God does indeed look after the orphans. Well, yes, " Lillian replied. The man exclaimed, mama never has any food for tomorrow, "how awful! will you be able to sleep tonight?" One of the orphan girls laughed out loud and said, and she never loses sleep over it!""When Lillian Trasher founded Egypt's first orphanage, "Why, others thought that a lone American woman with no means of support would surely be killed or starve to death.

But lillian - certain of god's guidance - stood by her earlier promise to Him, 'If ever I can do anything for You, just let me know - and I'll do it. In the midst of poverty, lillian faced each day with a heart of trust, and deadly epidemics, war, modeling the life she hoped her children would someday live in their own homes.


Elisabeth Elliot: Joyful Surrender Christian Heroes: Then & Now Christian Heroes: Then and Now

With a passion to translate the bible into new languages, she followed God's call to work among tribes in Ecuador, including the Waorani Auca, who had killed her husband and four others. Elisabeth kept a detailed journal of her life and missionary service. A prolific author, and radio host, speaker, she passes on a message of joyful surrender to the world.

She returned to the united states after many years in South America, becoming one of the most influential Christian women of our time. Since she was young, elisabeth Elliot had been intrigued by missionaries who gave up so much to tell others about God s love.

Samuel Zwemer: The Burden of Arabia Christian Heroes: Then & Now Christian Heroes: Then and Now

Zwemer's legacy of opening a long-closed door challenges and inspires us today to love and respect Muslims and to proclaim Jesus' name in the homeland of Islam. It was a tremendous task, difficulty, but a pledge the young American kept despite opposition, and death. Zwemer founded the arabian Mission in Bahrain to serve Muslims through medical care, Christian literture, and preaching.

The spiritual needs of the muslim world, long neglected by Christian missionaries, came to the world's attention again when Samuel Zwemer dedicated himself to the advancement of the gospel in Arabia. With a heart on fire for Muslim people, he relentlessly shared his vision worldwide, calling many to action.


Florence Young: Mission Accomplished Christian Heroes: Then & Now

There, as florence and others helped Kanaka believers reach out to villages steeped in cannibalism and revenge killings, thousands of people were transformed by the love of God. Eventually serving in the remote solomon Islands and, in China during the deadly Boxer Rebellion, for a season, Florence began her service close to home.

This one woman's mission to the Solomon Islanders, or Kanakas, working on her family's Australian plantation soon expanded to their home islands. Once timid and unsure of her own salvation, New Zealander Florence Young rose to her calling and became a fearless and faithful witness for Jesus Christ.