Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel

A selection of audacious accessories also comes under the spotlight: a giant necklace made of bear claws, a turn-of-the-century Indian horse ornament worn as a necklace, a parrot's-head brooch in colored glass and rhinestones. The product will have minor blemishes and/or light scratches. Captures the unique style of fashion maverick Iris Apfel and her exuberantly idiosyncratic personal chic.

With remarkable panache and discernment, textures, provenance, Iris Apfel combines styles, and patterns without regard to period, colors, or aesthetic conventions. She is a unique style icon. Over ninety sumptuous color plates, show off a selection of Apfel's extraordinary outfits on wittily posed mannequins, photographed by Eric Boman, some sporting her trademark outsized spectacles.

The product ships with all relevant accessories, inspection, basic cleaning, and may arrive in a generic box.169 photographs and illustrations, 149 in color This refurbished product is tested and certified to work properly. Apfel's eclectic pieces might come from a Parisian couture house, or a North African souk, an American thrift shop, or they may have been made to her own design in a tiny studio.

. The book includes an introduction by harold koda, and an essay by Apfel herself, director of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, describing her lifelong love affair with style and illustrated with vintage photographs from her personal collection. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, and repackaging.

Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon

She’s a transcendent icon!”— Leandra Medine, manrepeller. Coma unique and lavishly illustrated collection of musings, infused with the singular candor, wit, anecdotes, and observations on all matters of life and style, and exuberance of the globally revered ninety-six-year-old fashion icon whose work has been celebrated at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute and by countless fans worldwide.

A woman who transcends time and trends, Iris Apfel is a true original, one of the most dynamic personalities in the worlds of fashion, textiles, and interior design. In 2015, acclaimed director albert Maysles released Iris, his last film—now an Emmy Award nominee—to a global audience. Now, candor, visually arresting, wit, has created an entertaining, whose irrepressible authenticity, and infectious energy have earned her nearly a million followers on social media, thought-provoking, this self-dubbed geriatric starlet, and inspiring volume—her first book—that captures her unique joie de vivre.

. Iris’s travels worldwide and a passion for flea markets of all sorts inspired her work and fueled her passion for collecting fashion and accessories. In 2005, muse, a blockbuster show that catapulted her to fame and a career as a supermodel, from citroen to Tag Heuer, she was the first living person who was not a designer to have her clothing and accessories exhibited at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and collaborator for renowned brands, and global gigs at Bon Marché in Paris and the Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong.

As the cofounder with her husband, estee lauder, carl apfel, Montgomery Clift, an international textile manufacturing company that specialized in reproducing antique fabrics, of Old World Weavers, her prestigious clientele has included Greta Garbo, and Joan Rivers. She also acted as a restoration consultant and replicated fabric for the White House over nine presidential administrations.


From legendary documentarian albertmaysles grey gardens, gimme shelter, irispairs the late 88-year-old filmmaker withIris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyantlydressed 93-year-old style maven who hashad an outsized presence on the New Yorkfashion scene for decades. More than afashion film, the documentary is a storyabout creativity and how a soaring freespirit continues to inspire.


Pocket Iris Wisdom: Witty Quotes & Wise Words from Iris Apfel

Iris's best quotes and life wisdom have been compiled here for your delectation and inspiration. Having made her name as an interior designer and fashion icon, she's in demand as a model and her legions of fans love her 'unsugared truths'. At 94, iris apfel is having the time of her life. Apfel is manhattan's oldest and coolest It girl and star of documentary Irisby filmmaker Albert Maysles, which offers a unique perspective into the delightful life of a style legend.


Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

Childish, wild and anarchic, shamanistic, it is as far outside the box as it is possible to be. This follow-up to the bestselling Advanced Style features more senior street style and inspiration from all over the globe. Do profound things, dazzle yourself and the world. Similar in format to the original, sydney, tokyo, new york, palm springs, melbourne, rome, cape town, with dozens of images from cities all over the world including: Los Angeles, Stockholm, London, San Diego, Florence, and Geneva, Edinburgh, Amsterdam,  the book will also feature 22 short essays by the subjects of the book distilling the wisdom and lifestyle secrets of some of Cohen's favorite Advanced Style ladies.

Working as i do as an untutored 'outsider' artist is my therapy, my joy, my medicine, and my purpose in life. Color surrounds me: I revel in it, splash it everywhere, gulp it with a spoon. It is never too late to find your passion. Sue kreitzman PowerHouse Books. Contribute to society, and live large. Art and color keep me young, keep me sane.

Plus an introduction from the always fabulous and witty Simon Doonan makes for a celebration of smashing senior style! ".

Advanced Style

Advanced style is ari seth cohen’s blog-based ode to the confidence, beauty, and fashion that can only be achieved through the experience of a life lived glamorously. 8s. How to rebuild Pontiac V. The mostly ladies of advanced Style are enjoying their later years with grace and panache, marching to the beat of their own drummer.

144 pages. The advanced style book will showcase, but will also act as a true guidebook with all-new material featuring wardrobes, the best of the blog, stories, and advice from a cadre of his most chic subjects, interviews, in luscious full-color, along with a large selection of never-before-seen photography—fresh off of sidewalk catwalks around the world! PowerHouse Books.

Paperback. Each of his subjects sparkles like a diamond after long years spent refining and perfecting their individual look and approach to life. Book. It is a collection of street fashion unlike any seen before—focused on the over-60 set in the world’s most stylish locales. These timeless images and words of wisdom provide fashion inspiration for all ages and prove that age is nothing but a state of mind.

Ari seth cohen started his blog inspired by his own grandmother’s unique personal style and his lifelong interest in the put-together fashion of vibrant seniors.

The Art of Dressing: Ageless, Timeless, Original Style

How to rebuild Pontiac V. Book. 144 pages. Full of inspiration and how-to instruction that readers can apply to their own wardrobes and outfits, The Art of Dressing is the ultimate guide for the stylish older woman. The women included are stylish creative types, and dancer carmen de lavallade, artist Michele Oka Doner, to less famous but high-profile women who are great dressers such as Marjorie Stern and Ruth Lande Shuman, from well-known icons such as fashion writer Amy Fine Collins, and Tziporah herself.

Salamon teaches women to be chic without spending a fortune. Paperback. For her, dressing is about joy, play, and creativity. PowerHouse Books. Style icon tziporah salamon profiles the chicest and most celebrated older women of today, showcasing their wardrobes and revealing the contents of their closets, while imparting practical tips on how to put together beautiful outfits.

Salamon also includes sections breaking down the principles of dressing, such as: knowing your body and what looks good on it, and proportion; and, above all, balance, shopping for the essentials; color, good tailoring. In the art of dressing, tziporah salamon features women known for their personal style and women whom she admires and who inspire her, all over the age of 50

8s. Rizzoli.

Iris Blu-ray

Paperback. How to rebuild Pontiac V. Nr. Book. More than a fashion film, the documentary is a story about creativity and how a soaring free spirit continues to inspire. Rizzoli. 8s. 144 pages. Documentary. Run time: 106. PowerHouse Books. From legendary documentarian albert maysles grey gardens, gimme shelter, iris pairs the late 88-year-old filmmaker with Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 93-year-old style maven who has had an outsized presence on the New York fashion scene for decades.

Release date: 2015/08/25.

Advanced Style

Shrink-wrapped. Dvd powerHouse Books. Run time: 106. Release date: 2015/08/25. Rizzoli. How to rebuild Pontiac V. Book. Nr. Paperback. 144 pages. Documentary. 8s.

Fashion Climbing: A Memoir with Photographs

This was his education, and the birth of the democratic and exuberant taste that he came to be famous for as a photographer for The New York Times. Taking on the alias William J. Because designing under his family's name would have been a disgrace to his parents--Bill became one of the era's most outlandish and celebrated hat designers, catering to movie stars, heiresses, and artists alike.

Book. When he arrived in New York, he reveled in people-watching. The untold story of a new york city legend's education in creativity and styleFor Bill Cunningham, glamour, New York City was the land of freedom, and, above all, style. These were halcyon days when fashion was all he ate and drank. Release date: 2015/08/25.

Rizzoli. But although he was one of the city's most recognized and treasured figures, Bill was also one of its most guarded. When he was broke and hungry he'd stroll past the store windows on Fifth Avenue and feed himself on beautiful things. Fashion climbing is the story of a young man striving to be the person he was born to be: a true original.

Written with his infectious joy and one-of-a-kind voice, neatly typewritten, this memoir was polished, and safely stored away in his lifetime. Documentary.

Vogue and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, People

Rizzoli. Harry N Abrams. The metropolitan museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute exhibition is the most spectacular event of its kind. With subjects that both reflect the zeitgeist and contribute to its creation, each exhibi­tion—from 2005’s Chanel, to 2011’s Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty and 2013’s Punk—creates a provocative and engaging narrative attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors.

The show’s opening-night gala, produced in collaboration with Vogue magazine and attended by the likes of Beyoncé, George Clooney, and Hillary Clinton, is regularly referred to as the Party of the Year. Covering the costume institute’s history and highlighting exhibitions of the 21st century curated by Harold Koda and Andrew Bolton, this book offers insider access of the first order.

Release date: 2015/08/25. Nr. Shrink-wrapped. Anchored by photo­graphs from the exhibitions themselves in tandem with the Vogue fashion shoots they inspired, it also includes images of exhibited objects and party photos from the galas. Drawn from the extensive vogue archives, mario testino, the featured stories showcase the photographs of icons such as Annie Leibovitz, Steven Meisel, and Craig McDean; the vision of legendary Vogue editors like Grace Coddington and Tonne Goodman; and the knowledge and wit of writers such as Hamish Bowles and Jonathan Van Meter.

Run time: 106. 144 pages.