Spin Cycle: How the White House and the Media Manipulate the News Revised and Updated

Spin cycle is the first behind-the-scenes account of the White House political operation as it packages and shapes the news by manipulating, and in some cases, misleading, intimidating the press. It is also the tale of how some of the nation's top journalists buy into these efforts and, often, put their own spin on the news.

Compelling, infuriating, often devastatingly funny, this is the story you should read before you pick up the newspaper tomorrow morning.

Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War

The real story behind the invasion of iraqfilled with news-making revelations that made it a new York Times bestseller, Pentagon, CIA, State Department, Hubris takes us behind the scenes at the White House, and Congress to show how George W. It's a dramatic page-turner and an intriguing account of conspiracy, journalistic malfeasance, backstabbing, bureaucratic ineptitude, and arrogance.

. Written by veteran reporters michael Isikoff and David Corn, this is an inside look at how a president took the nation to war using faulty and fraudulent intelligence. Bush came to invade Iraq - and how his administration struggled with the devastating fallout. Hubris connects the dots between bush's expletive-laden outbursts at saddam Hussein, the fights within the intelligence community over Saddam's supposed weapons of mass destruction, the bitter battles between the CIA and the White House, the outing of an undercover CIA officer, and the Bush administration's misleading sales campaign for war.


The Audacity to Win: How Obama Won and How We Can Beat the Party of Limbaugh, Beck, and Palin

Since david plouffe helped design the plan that brought candidate Obama to the White House, the lessons of that plan have become only more relevant. Plouffe explains the secrets to winning elections in contemporary politics, and shows how Democrats can build on the historic campaign of 2008 to keep the country on the right path.

Featuring a new chapter on the challenges of 2010, The Audacity to Win is political writing at its boldest and most essential. Today, conservative forces led by figures like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck threaten to derail the tremendous promise of Democrats' recent gains, making the next election—and the ones beyond it—even more crucial.

The inside story of a brilliant campaign, with lessons on how the Democrats can secure victory in the future.

The Secret Man: The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat

The new york Times Bestseller. In the secret man, woodward tells the story of his long, complex relationship with W. The secret man brings to a close one of the last chapters of Watergate. The mysterious source who helped Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein break open the Watergate scandal in 1972 remained hidden for thirty-three years.

Mark felt, the enigmatic former No. 2 man in the fbi who helped end the presidency of Richard Nixon.

The Soul of the First Amendment

Yale. The new york Times Bestseller. In this lively, powerful, and provocative work, the author addresses legal issues from the adoption of the Bill of Rights through recent cases such as Citizens United. Floyd abrams, and more controversially than is the case anywhere else in the world, more intensely, a noted lawyer and award-winning legal scholar specializing in First Amendment issues, examines the degree to which American law protects free speech more often, including democratic nations such as Canada and England.

A lively and controversial overview by the nation’s most celebrated first Amendment lawyer of the unique protections for freedom of speech in America The right of Americans to voice their beliefs without government approval or oversight is protected under what may well be the most honored and least understood addendum to the US Constitution—the First Amendment.

He also examines the repeated conflicts between claims of free speech and those of national security occasioned by the publication of classified material such as was contained in the Pentagon Papers and was made public by WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden.

Conservatives in Power: The Reagan Years, 1981-1989: A Brief History with Documents The Bedford Series in History and Culture

Yale. But, once in power, as meg jacobs and julian zelizer point out in their introduction, conservatives discovered that implementing their agenda and reversing the liberalism entrenched in American government would not be as easy as they had hoped. Photographs, a chronology, selected bibliography, document headnotes, and questions for consideration provide pedagogical support.

More than 60 thematically organized documents -- some recently released -- illuminate conservatives' efforts to shift American politics to the right. These materials -- including speeches, and articles from the popular press -- explore Reagan's personal evolution as a conservative leader, anticommunism, as well as Reaganomics, the culture wars, the arms race, tax cuts, memos, and scandals such as Iran Contra.

. In this collection, jacobs and zelizer explore the successes and limitations of the so-called Reagan Revolution and chronicle its legacy through subsequent presidencies up to Barack Obama's election in 2008. The new york Times Bestseller. Ronald reagan's election to the presidency in 1980 marked a victory for conservatism.


All Involved: A Novel

A propulsive and ambitious novel as electrifying as the Wire, and loyalty, from a writer hailed as the West Coast's Richard Price-a mesmerizing epic of crime and opportunity, race, revenge, set in the chaotic streets of South Central L. A. In the wake of one of the most notorious and incendiary trials of the 1990s At 3:15 p.

M. Higgins. With characters that capture the voices of gang members, firefighters, graffiti kids, and nurses caught up in these extraordinary circumstances, All Involved is a literary tour de force that catapults this edgy writer into the ranks of such legendary talents as Dennis Lehane and George V. On april 29, 1992, a jury acquitted three white los angeles Police Department officers charged with using excessive force to subdue a black man named Rodney King, and failed to reach a verdict on the same charges involving a fourth officer.

But there were even more deaths unaccounted for: violence that occurred outside of active rioting sites by those who used the chaos to viciously settle old scores. Ryan gattis tells seventeen interconnected first-person narratives that paint a portrait of modern America itself-laying bare our history, our prejudices, and our complexities.

Yale. The new york Times Bestseller. A gritty and cinematic work of fiction, All Involved vividly re-creates this turbulent and terrifying time, set in a sliver of Los Angeles largely ignored by the media during the riots. In nearly 121 hours, fifty-three lives were lost.

The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story

Lewis also found much more, and the result―the best-selling book The New New Thing―is an ingeniously conceived history of the Internet revolution. Yale. New york Times Bestseller. The new york Times Bestseller. Lewis makes silicon valley as thrilling and intelligible as he made Wall Street in his best-selling Liar’s Poker.

Time in the weird glow of the dying millennium, Michael Lewis set out on a safari through Silicon Valley to find the world’s most important technology entrepreneur. W w norton Company. He found this in jim clark, a man whose achievements include the founding of three separate billion-dollar companies. A superb book.


Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime

Great product! Yale. W w norton Company. Game change: obama and the clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime The new york Times Bestseller.

Media Circus: The Trouble with America's Newspapers

Great product! . W w norton Company. In media circus he takes readers behind the scenes to show how newspapers have bungled so many important stories, War and Gennifer Flowers to Clarence Thomas and Zoe Baird, from the Gulf, including a new chapter -- specially written for this edition -- on the roller-coaster coverage of the Clinton White House.

The new york Times Bestseller. Yale. Taking on sacred cows, even in his own newsroom, Kurtz leaves no doubt why he is regarded as the best on his beat. Named america's best media reporter by the american journalism reviewrevised and Updated Updated with a New Introducton by the AuthorFrom his front-row seat as the press critic for The Washington Post, Howard Kurtz has chronicled the press's sorry record in covering news, politics, and scandal.


The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Environmental Narrative from the Fifteenth to the Twenty-First Century World Social Change

Great product! Rowman Littlefield Publishers. W w norton Company. The new york Times Bestseller. Robert B. Rise to global hegemon was contingent, not inevitable, Marks also points to the resurgence of Asia and the vastly changed relationship of humans to the environment that may in the long run overshadow any political and economic milestones of the past hundred years.

Yale. This clearly written and engrossing book presents a global narrative of the origins of the modern world from 1400 to the present. Unlike most studies, drawing upon new scholarship on asia, which assume that the “rise of the West” is the story of the coming of the modern world, this history, constructs a story in which those parts of the world play major roles, and the New World and upon the maturing field of environmental history, Africa, including their impacts on the environment.

Marks defines the modern world as one marked by industry, increasing inequality within the wealthiest industrialized countries, a large and growing gap between the wealthiest and poorest parts of the world, interstate warfare, the nation state, and an escape from the environmental constraints of the “biological old regime.

He explains its origins by emphasizing contingencies such as the conquest of the new world; the broad comparability of the most advanced regions in China, India, and Europe; the reasons why England was able to escape from common ecological constraints facing all of those regions by the eighteenth century; a conjuncture of human and natural forces that solidified a gap between the industrialized and non-industrialized parts of the world; and the mounting environmental crisis that defines the modern world.

Now in a new edition that brings the saga of the modern world to the present in an environmental context, the book considers how and why the United States emerged as a world power in the twentieth century and became the sole superpower by the twenty-first century, and why the changed relationship of humans to the environmental likely will be the hallmark of the modern era—the “Anthopocene.

Once again arguing that the U.