The Blue

Endeavour Quill #ad - She is currently a regular contributor to Town & Country, Purist, and The Strand. Kings do battle with knights and knaves for possession of the finest pieces and the secrets of their manufacture. For genevieve planché, a painter of international repute, an English-born descendant of Huguenot refugees, porcelain holds far less allure; she wants to be an artist, but nobody takes the idea of a female artist seriously in London.

Her screenplays have placed in several prominent industry competitions. With the heart and spirit of her huguenot ancestors, genevieve faces her challenges head on, but how much is she willing to suffer in pursuit and protection of the colour blue? 'The Blue is a fast-paced and highly engaging historical thriller packed with period detail and peopled with characters that the reader really grows to care about.

The Blue #ad - Nb magazine 'bilyeau’s research is impeccable, taking what might have been a dreary industrial novel and making it into a living, breathing drama. Two scripts reached the semi-finalist round of the Nicholl Fellowships of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Kudos and highly recommended!' - Historical Novel Society, and Editor's Choice ‘.

. Transports the reader into the heart of the 18th century porcelain trade—where the price of beauty was death. E.


The Ghost of Madison Avenue: A Novella

#ad - A gorgeous holiday treat!" —mariah fredericks, starred review"beautifully written and impeccably researched, author of Death of a New AmericanOn Dreamland:"This fast-paced, engrossing novel from Bilyeau … gives readers an up-close and personal view of New York’s Gilded Age" —Library Journal, Dreamland is a rollicking ride.

Fiona davis, author of the alice network"fascinating"—ian rankin, author of what she left behind on the blue:"Definitely a winner!"—Kate Quinn, author of The Chelsea Girls"A marvelous book!"—Ellen Marie Wiseman, international bestsellerOn the Joanna Stafford Trilogy:"All the ingredients of the best historical fiction … will satisfy even the most ardent mystery fans.

The Ghost of Madison Avenue: A Novella #ad - Deborah harkness, murder, author of a discovery of Witches"Bilyeau deftly weaves extensive historical detail throughout, but the real draw of this suspenseful novel is its juicy blend of lust, conspiracy and betrayal. Oprah Magazine. P. She finds herself with a second chance at happiness—if she has the courage.

From the author of the blue, comes the ghost of madison Avenue, set in 1911 Coney Island, the Joanna Stafford trilogy, and the soon-to-be published Dreamland, a story both thrilling and moving. Praise for nancy bilyeau’s fiction"nancy bilyeau's passion for history infuses her books"—Alison Weir, bestselling historian and novelistOn The Ghost of Madison Avenue:"The Gilded Age splendors of the Morgan Library come to life in this wonderful, warm-hearted tale of Christmases past, present, and future.

P. Morgan's private library in December 1912, when two very different people haunted by lost love come together in an unexpected way.


The Chalice: A Novel Joanna Stafford Series Book 2

Gallery Books #ad - As she completes the puzzle in the dungeon of a twelfth-century Belgian fortress, Joanna realizes the life of Henry VIII as well as the future of Christendom are in her hands—hands that must someday hold the chalice that lies at the center of these deadly prophecies. In the midst of england’s Reformation, a young novice will risk everything to defy the most powerful men of her era.

. Despite the possibilities of arrest and imprisonment, she becomes caught up in a shadowy international plot targeting Henry VIII himself. As the power plays turn vicious, Joanna realizes her role is more critical than she’d ever imagined. She must choose between those she loves most and assuming her part in a prophecy foretold by three seers.

The Chalice: A Novel Joanna Stafford Series Book 2 #ad - But no matter how hard she tries, she cannot escape the spreading darkness of her destiny. Even with all she has experienced, the quiet life is not for Joanna. Novice joanna stafford has tasted the wrath of the royal court, discovered what lies within the king’s torture rooms, and escaped death at the hands of those desperate to possess the power of an ancient relic.

To learn the final, sinister piece of the prophecy, she flees across Europe with a corrupt spy sent by Spain. In 1538, england’s bloody power struggle between crown and cross threatens to tear the country apart.


The Crown: A Novel Joanna Stafford Series Book 1

Gallery Books #ad - With cromwell’s troops threatening to shutter her priory, her family, bright and bold Joanna must decide who she can trust so that she may save herself, and her sacred way of life. While joanna is in the tower, the ruthless bishop of winchester forces her to spy for him: to save her father’s life she must find an ancient relic—a crown so powerful, it may possess the ability to end the Reformation.

Arrested for interfering with the king’s justice, along with her father, Joanna, is sent to the Tower of London. This provocative story melds heart-stopping suspense with historical detail and brings to life the poignant dramas of women and men at a fascinating and critical moment in England’s past.

The Crown: A Novel Joanna Stafford Series Book 1 #ad - Defying the rule of enclosure, Joanna leaves the priory to stand at her cousin’s side. An astonishing debut in historical fiction, part the other boleyn girl, ” Woman’s Day, hailed as “part The Da Vinci Code, The Crown follows one nun’s dangerous quest to find an ancient relic during Cromwell’s reign of terror.

Joanna stafford, a dominican nun, learns that her favorite cousin has been condemned by Henry VIII to be burned at the stake.


The Tapestry: A Novel Joanna Stafford Series Book 3

Gallery Books #ad - That all changes when the king takes an interest in her tapestry talent. After her priory was destroyed, a young Dominican novice, Joanna, vowed to live a quiet life, weaving tapestries and shunning dangerous conspiracies. The next page-turner in the award-winning Joanna Stafford series takes place in the heart of the Tudor court, as she risks everything to defy the most powerful men of her era.

Henry viii's palace of whitehall is the last place on earth Joanna Stafford wants to be. All the while, joanna tries to understand her feelings for the two men in her life: the constable who tried to save her and the friar she can't forget. The tapestry is the final book in a Tudor trilogy that began in 2012 with The Crown, an Oprah magazine pick.

The Tapestry: A Novel Joanna Stafford Series Book 3 #ad - Her close friend, Catherine Howard. Don't miss the adventures of one of the most unforgettable heroines in historical fiction. With a ruthless monarch tiring of his fourth wife and amoral noblemen driven by hidden agendas, Joanna becomes entangled in Tudor court politics. But a summons from the king cannot be refused.

In a world of royal banquets, sea voyages and Tower Hill executions, Joanna must finally choose her future: nun or wife, spy or subject, jousts, rebel or courtier. Is rumored to be the king's mistress, and Joanna is determined to protect her from becoming the king's next wife—and victim.



Endeavour Quill #ad - Despite hailing from one of america’s richest families, Peggy would much rather spend the summer working at the Moonrise Bookstore than keeping up appearances with New York City socialites and her snobbish, controlling family. But soon it transpires that the hedonism of coney island affords Peggy the freedom she has been yearning for, and it’s not long before she finds herself in love with a troubled pier-side artist of humble means, whom the Batternberg patriarchs would surely disapprove of.

A book that will keep you up at night rushing to the end but that will leave you wanting more once you're finished. Goodreads reviewer, 5 *s. Gives readers an up-close and personal view of New York’s Gilded Age' - Library Journal'Beautifully written and impeccably researched, Dreamland is a rollicking ride.

Dreamland #ad - Fiona davis, bestselling author of the chelsea girls'a marvelous book!' - ellen marie wiseman, bestselling author of what she left behind and the life she was given'bilyeau is at the height of her talents in the immersive and gripping Dreamland' - Heather Webb, USA Today bestselling author 'Bilyeau’s thrilling novel plunges deep into Dreamland’s maze of pleasure and menace' - Marlowe Benn, bestselling author of Relative Fortunes 'Nancy Bilyeau's passion for history infuses her books' – Alison WeirThe year is 1911 when twenty-year-old heiress Peggy Batternberg is invited to spend the summer in America’s Playground.

The invitation to Coney Island is unwelcome. Achingly believable' - Publishers Weekly'This fast-paced, engrossing novel from Bilyeau.


I will do it

#ad - It is not known whether this coincidence originated from two twins, both in appearance, Jones and James are the same as true twins, but apparently, posture and manners. None of his friends and teachers could point out Jones and James. Even before going to kindergarten, the two are very interested in games to make family and friends confused about their similarities.

Their mother is a pair of twin sisters and married the John brothers on the same day. The two grew up in the same town, living on the same street and next to each other's houses. It is also common for two fathers, brothers of the John brothers, to grow up together and become close friends. The boys john jones and John James are different from other normal cousins.

I will do it #ad - And by the time they entered elementary school, they had done it perfectly. The most surprising thing is that the two sons John Jones and John James of the same fathers were born on the same day, the same hospital, and the two mothers share the same room.


The Twelfth Transforming Rediscovered Classics

Chicago Review Press #ad - In the twelfth transforming, bestselling author Pauline Gedge returns to ancient Egypt to reveal the mysterious reign of Akhenaten, the impetuous pharaoh who threatened to ruin his country. Gedge's vivid descriptions of imperial court life among the lushness of the Nile and the desiccation of the desert lands will enthrall readers seeking an evocative tale of power, family and curses, dynasty, all set in the enchanting world of ancient Egypt.

The dramatic story of akhenaten's disastrous ruling is also the tale of Empress Tiye, a mother struggling to save her land from the catastrophe of her son's choices.


SHE WILL RESCUE YOU an addictive crime thriller full of absolutely breathtaking twists

Joffe Books crime, thriller, and mystery #ad - A man is murdered in a Norfolk turkey shed. Elegant, intelligent, and ambitious but lonely. She works among society’s darkest minds in perpetrator profiling. Two women on opposite sides of the law will do almost anything for what they care aboutdr mia langley is a criminal forensic psychologist working for the National Crime Agency.

She works for minimum wage at an animal shelter and nurses a simmering hatred for all those who abuse animals. How far will they go?and both women fall in love with the same man. Whose side are you on? discover a race-against-time thriller which will have you gripped from the first page to the last. Perfect for fans of kimberley chambers, damien boyd, rachel abbott, patricia Gibney or Mark Billingham What readers are saying about SHE WILL RESCUE YOU“What an incredible thriller! Love this author and literally couldn't tear myself away from this book.

SHE WILL RESCUE YOU an addictive crime thriller full of absolutely breathtaking twists #ad - Julia“it really gripped me from start to finish. Viv“this was one of the best books I’ve read this year. Carole“guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Barbarathe authorchristine clement-green retired from thames valley Police after sixteen years as a uniform sergeant followed by five as a civilian investigator on serious and organised crime teams in Humberside and Wiltshire – which included working on several murder incident rooms and national drug operations.

She is the author of the memoir, “Into the Valley. ”.


The Column of Burning Spices: A Novel of Germany's First Female Physician Hildegard of Bingen Book 2

Iron Knight Press #ad - Once again, the monks of St. In the column of burning spices, part two of the Hildegard of Bingen series which began with The Greenest Branch, the medieval era comes vividly to life in all its romanticism and splendor. However, the societal strictures that prevent women from being able to access education and live independent lives are also on display.

Lesley, author of The Golden Lynx. Disibod are there to stop her, citing the biblical passages that admonish against “women teachers. Also, abbot kuno is aging, and it is only a matter of time before he is succeeded in the post by Prior Helenger, who wants nothing more than to see Hildegard permanently relegated to the convent’s enclosure.

The Column of Burning Spices: A Novel of Germany's First Female Physician Hildegard of Bingen Book 2 #ad - Leaving St. A fascinating portrayal of one of history’s most remarkable women, theologian, mystic, Hildegard of Bingen—composer, and physician. She has been saving money from the convent's endowments for years, but in order to establish her own foundation she will need the backing of a powerful man of the Church.

There are several who could become her champions - from the famed Abbot Bernard of Clairvaux, to the Archbishop of Mainz, to the newly elected Pope Eugenius III. The characters and settings come alive on the page, and by the end I felt as if I’d traveled in time to 12th-century Germany. C. P.


The Greenest Branch: A Novel of Germany's First Female Physician Hildegard of Bingen Book 1

Iron Knight Press #ad - Yet she refuses to be sidelined. Hildegard has a deep love of nature and a knowledge of herbal healing that might make more than one Church official suspicious of witchery, and she hopes to purse medical studies at St. Against fierce opposition from prior helenger, the hostile head of the monks’ cloister, she finds another way to learn – by securing an apprenticeship with Brother Wigbert who runs the infirmary and is in dire need of a capable assistant.

The struggle will be epic. Disibod. Hildegard’s story is inspiring, and her voice feels so real that it’s almost spooky. Jessica cale, the medieval era comes vividly to life in all its romanticism and splendor, author of Tyburn In the Greenest Branch, but the societal strictures that prevent women from being able to access education and live independent lives are also on display.

The Greenest Branch: A Novel of Germany's First Female Physician Hildegard of Bingen Book 1 #ad - But no sooner does she settle into her new life than she finds out that as a girl she will not be allowed to attend the monastic school or have access to the abbey’s library; instead, she must stay at the women’s convent, isolated from the rest of the community and from the town. Adams writes about the Middle Ages like someone who has lived there.

In that atmosphere, young Hildegard is sent to the Abbey of St. Medieval Church hierarchy. Disibod in the rhineland as her parents’ gift to the Church in accordance with a custom known as the tithe. P.