The Chosen

Simon & Schuster - Soon these two boys—one expected to become a Hasidic rebbe, the other at ease with secular America—are drawn into one another’s worlds despite one father’s strong opposition. Set against the backdrop of wwii and the creation of the state of Israel, The Chosen is a poignant novel about transformation and tradition, growing up and growing wise, and finding yourself—even if that might mean leaving your community.

A coming-of-age classic about two jewish boys growing up in Brooklyn in the 1940s, this “profound and universal” story of what we share across cultures remains deeply pertinent today The Wall Street Journal. It’s the spring of 1944 and fifteen-year-olds Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders have lived five blocks apart all their lives.

The Chosen - But they’ve never met, not until the day an accident during a softball game sparks an unlikely friendship.

The Promise

Anchor - Reconnected by their shared concern for michael, Reuven and Danny each learns what it is to take on life—whether sacred truths or a troubled child—according to his own lights, not just established authority. In a passionate, energetic narrative,  The Promise brilliantly dramatizes what it is to master and use knowledge to make one’s own way in the world.

Reuven malter lives in brooklyn, he’s in love, and he’s studying to be a rabbi. Reuven also introduces him to an old friend, Danny Saunders—now a psychologist with a growing reputation. He also keeps challenging the strict interpretations of his teachers, and if he keeps it up, his dream of becoming a rabbi may die.

The Promise - One day, unhappy boy named Michael, worried about a disturbed, Reuven takes him sailing and cloud-watching.

My Name Is Asher Lev

Anchor - But in time, his gift threatens to estrange him from that world and the parents he adores. A novel of finely articulated tragic power. In this stirring and often visionary novel, Chaim Potok traces Asher’s passage between these two identities, the one consecrated to God, the other subject only to the imagination.

. Little short of a work of genius. The new york times book review asher lev is a ladover Hasid who keeps kosher, prays three times a day and believes in the Ribbono Shel Olom, the Master of the Universe. Asher lev grows up in a cloistered Hasidic community in postwar Brooklyn, a world suffused by ritual and revolving around a charismatic Rebbe.

My Name Is Asher Lev - . As it follows his struggle, my name Is Asher Lev becomes a luminous portrait of the artist, by turns heartbreaking and exultant, a modern classic. Asher lev is an artist who is compulsively driven to render the world he sees and feels, even when it leads him to blasphemy.

The Gift of Asher Lev: A Novel

Ballantine Books - Asher lev is a world-renowned artist living with his young family in France. You’re not likely to read anything better this year. The detroit News “Fascinating. The washington post Book World   “Very moving. The philadelphia Inquirer. No one but chaim potok could have written this strangely sweet, compelling, and deeply felt novel.

The cleveland plain dealer   in his powerful my name is asher Lev, Chaim Potok gave the world an unforgettable character and a timeless story that The New York Times Book Review hailed as “little short of a work of genius. The chicago sun-times declared it “a story that had to be told. Now, to dream, to teach, chaim potok’s beloved character returns to learn, in The Gift of Asher Lev.

The Gift of Asher Lev: A Novel - Then asher’s beloved uncle dies suddenly, and Asher and his family rush back to Brooklyn—and into a world that Asher thought he had left behind forever. Still, he is unsure of his artistic direction. Success has not brought ease to his heart. It is a journey of confrontation and discovery as Asher purges his past in search of new inspiration for his art and begins to understand the true meaning of sacrifice and the painful joy in sharing the most precious gift of all.

. It is a book written with passion about passion.

Davita's Harp: A Novel

Ballantine Books - . Solidly written novel. Potok is a master storyteller. Chicago tribune“Gripping and intriguing. Filled with a host of richly drawn characters. Chaim Potok's bravest book. The new york times book review“It is an enormous pleasure to sink into such a rich. Her loving parents, fill her with the fiercely bright hope for a new, both fervent radicals, better world.

And davita, unexpectedly, finds in the Jewish faith that her mother had long ago abandoned both a solace to her questioning inner pain and a test of her budding spirit of independence. Enchanting. A well-told tale that needed telling. The philadelphia Inquirer. The reader knows from the first few pages that he is in the hands of a sure professional who won't let him down.

Davita's Harp: A Novel - People“Engrossing. For davita chandal, growing up in new York in the 1930s and '40s is an experience of indescribable joy—and unfathomable sadness. To her, life's elusive possibilities for happiness, for fulfillment, become as real and resonant as the music of the small harp that hangs on her door, for decency, welcoming all guests with its sweet, gentle tones.

The Gates of November

Ballantine Books - Remarkable. Drawing on taped interviews and his harrowing visits to russia, their struggles to reconcile their identities as Russians and as Jews, Potok traces the public and privates lives of the Slepak family: Their passions and ideologies, their willingness to fight--and die--for diametrically opposed political beliefs.

A vivid account. Potok brings a novelist's passion and eye for detail to a gripping story that possesses many of the elements of fiction--except that it's all too true. San francisco Chronicle. A wonderful story. The boston globethe father is a high-ranking Communist officer, a Jew who survived Stalin's purges.

The Gates of November - . The son is a "refusenik, " who risked his life and happiness to protest everything his father held dear. Now, unfolds the gripping true story of a father, Chaim Potok, a son, beloved author of the award-winning novels The Chosen and My Name is Asher Lev, and a conflict that spans Soviet history.

In the Beginning: A Novel

Ballantine Books - It successfully recreates a time and place and the journey of a soul. The new york timesall beginnings are hard—that is the lesson David Lurie learns early and painfully in his life. As a young man in a world menaced by a distant, horrifying war, he must begin once more—this time to define a resolute path of personal belief that departs boldly from the tradition of his teachers and his own father, a courageous defender of their people.

Learning how to remember his past as he nourishes the future, David struggles to complete his first long journey into ancient beginnings. A major work in every sense. Pittsburgh Press. As a boy in the depression-shadowed Bronx, he must begin to hold his own against neighborhood bullies and the treacherous frailties of his own health.

I Am the Clay: A Novel

Fawcett - . Stirred by possessiveness and caring the woman refuses to leave the boy behind. Angry and bewildered, he waits for the boy to die. Chaim potok writes powerfully about the suffering of innocent people caught in the cross-fire of a war they cannot begin to understand. And when the boy does not die, the old man begins to believe that the boy possesss a magic upon which all their lives depend.

They soon come upon a boy in a ditch who is wounded and unconscious. The man thinks she is crazy to nurse this boy, to risk their lives for some dying stranger. Humanity and compassion for his characters leap from every page. San francisco chronicleas the chinese and the army of the North sweep south during the Korean War, an old peasant farmer and his wife flee their village across the bleak, bombed-out landscape.

Portnoy's Complaint

Vintage - Spielvogel says: 'acts of exhibitionism, neither fantasy nor act issues in genuine sexual gratification, auto-eroticism and oral coitus are plentiful; as a consequence of the patient's "morality, but rather in overriding feelings of shame and the dread of retribution, fetishism, voyeurism, " however, particularly in the form of castration.

Spielvogel, O. After alexander portnoy 1933- a disorder in which strongly-felt ethical and altruistic impulses are perpetually warring with extreme sexual longings, often of a perverse nature. 909. It is believed by spielvogel that many of the symptoms can be traced to the bonds obtaining in the mother-child relationship.

Portnoy's Complaint - The groundbreaking novel that propelled its author to literary stardom: told in a continuous monologue from patient to psychoanalyst, Philip Roth's masterpiece draws us into the turbulent mind of one lust-ridden young Jewish bachelor named Alexander Portnoy. Portnoy's Complaint n. The puzzled penis, " Internationale Zeitschrift für Psychoanalyse, Vol.

The Glass Menagerie

Digital Deen Publications - The story of a mother, her son and daughter, and her daughter's suitor that brings to life human beings who cling to a dream world that can so easily be shattered into jagged pieces.

Old Men at Midnight: Stories Ballantine Reader's Circle

Ballantine Books - As a young girl, she offers English lessons to a teenage survivor of the camps. D. In “the ark builder, ” he shares with her the story of his friendship with a proud old builder of synagogue arks, and what happened when the German army invaded their Polish town. As a graduate student, ” her sympathy moves him to put his painful past to paper recounting his experiences as a Soviet NKVD agent who was saved by an idealistic doctor during the Russian civil war, she finds herself escorting a guest lecturer from the Soviet Union, and in “The War Doctor, only to encounter him again during the terrifying period of the Kremlin doctors’ plot.

From the celebrated author of the chosen and my name Is Asher Lev, a trilogy of related novellas about a woman whose life touches three very different men—stories that encompass some of the profoundest themes of the twentieth century. Ilana davita dinn is the listener to whom three men relate their lives.

Old Men at Midnight: Stories Ballantine Reader's Circle - . Ilana Davita Chandal. Poignant and profound, chaim potok’s newest fiction is a major addition to his remarkable—and remarkably loved—body of work. And, trying to write his memoirs, we meet her in “the trope teacher, ” in which a distinguished professor of military history, finally, is distracted by his wife’s illness and by the arrival next door of a new neighbor, the famous writer I.