The Only Wolf Devil Mountain Shifters Book 1

- When adala arrives, the last thing he expects is to find his mate. Struggling to keep his clan safe is his number one priority, especially with the neighboring pack constantly threatening their borders. Now she is left on her own wondering how and why she turns into a wolf. To make matters worse, she is getting weaker.

But somehow she survived. No longer able to work, and with the insurance money from her parents running out, she heads to Alaska - toward the only clue in her parents left her as to her real identity and destiny. Dirk has taken over as the leader of the pack of shifters on the Seward peninsula in Northwest Alaska.

The Only Wolf Devil Mountain Shifters Book 1 - Adala reger is searching for answers. Her parents were killed in an automobile accident that should have claimed her too. Can they survive the invasions? Does Adala’s past hold answers to why the neighboring pack is attacking? .

Second Mate Devil Mountain Shifters Book 2

- Walther is happy for his friend, really he is. Her father would rather continue the war and further deplete their numbers. Walther lost his mate ten years ago in the incessant war waged by the enemy pack. Trying to hide his depression and loneliness, Walther dives into his duties as General of the pack – including guarding the visitor from the enemy pack.

But what happens when the sparks fly for a second time? But is going into the enemy’s lair the best solution, or has she bitten off more than she can chew?History says a wolf mates for life. But first she has to convince her father that allowing her to proceed with a diplomatic solution is the way to go.

Second Mate Devil Mountain Shifters Book 2 - Surely one little female can’t be that much trouble. Sascha is the last cub born to her pack, and the last one ever to be born if she can’t find a way to convince the rival pack to let her have access to their lair. Now, his wolf is destined to be alone. The only problem is that, with Dirk bonded, he is the only one without a mate.

Bear to Bond Devil Mountain Shifters Book 3

- As the first female alpha of the polar bear pack, she lives a full life leading and helping others. Then he catches Ursel’s scent and knows she is the one. Can harald convince ursel to take a chance on their bond? Or will she deny their bond and continue to live a life of loneliness? When his pack merges with their former enemies, he watches as all his friends find mates.

Determined that she will never endure that pain, she has sworn off mating. Then harald crosses her path…Harald has spent his life as part of a pack that has no future. Their clan is slowly dying out and there is no one left for him to bond with. As a teen, ursel witnessed the explosion of her parents’ relationship and the eventual death of her father.

In the Game Tip of the Spear Book 4

- When raina king fails to show up to work at Tip of the Spear, Mark knows something is wrong. Dragged from her bed in the middle of the night by assailants unknown, Raina fights her way to freedom and into the arms of the man she's secretly loved for five long years. Fearing the worst, he and his partners begin the search to find her before it’s too late.

But who took raina? now mark must fight to keep Raina safe while searching for her kidnapper, but the stakes are raised when the one person who can shed light on Raina’s abduction is found dead. Without raina, Tip of the Spear would fall apart. But will he be able to withstand the flames of passion that threaten to consume him – long enough to protect the one he loves?

In the Game Tip of the Spear Book 4 - One thing mark knows – he must protect Raina – at all costs. So would Mark's heart.

In the Wind Tip of the Spear Book 3

- But she knows that something isn’t quite right. Joe weber’s daughter has been missing for almost three years – years he has spent tirelessly searching for any sign of her. But staying may lead to consequences too big for her to survive. Faith warren has lived a sheltered life in a secluded community founded by her father.

Her ability to leave is complicated by her position and her love for the children she protects. After her father mysteriously disappears, she begins to suspect there is more to the community than meets the eye. How can it be that one random tuesday he hears her laugh? Turning to his partners at the Tip of the Spear, Joe goes on a mission to bring his little girl home.

In the Wind Tip of the Spear Book 3 - Will he be too late? Or will he find more than the daughter he is searching for? .

In the Dark Tip of the Spear Book 2

- She has been chasing after him for more than a decade. But can he keep his emotions out of the picture long enough to keep her safe? Or will he give in to those forbidden desires and make them both happy?Taking this case will light a match, but will the inferno ignite the sparks, or will it consume them?

After discovering dead flowers and a cryptic note on her front porch, she turns to the one person she knows will keep her safe – Jeremy McCall. He has silently been in love with Avery for eleven years – since the first time he laid eyes on her. Despite his continual rejection, she knows that under all that armor beats a heart made for her.

In the Dark Tip of the Spear Book 2 - Jeremy is a founding partner in the investigative firm Tip of the Spear and best friends with Avery’s brother. Avery powell has a problem – well really, someone has a problem with her. The last thing he’ll allow is for any harm to come to her, even if he can’t claim her as his own.

In the Light Tip of the Spear Book 5

Julie Mellon - But it soon brings much more. To make matters more challenging, Deputy Darcy Coleman - the woman who has haunted Dylan's dreams - arrives to investigate a connected case. Or can it? danger, intrigue and passion collide when Dylan & Darcy reunite to catch a killer. The newest case for tip of the Spear draws Dylan and his team into the complex world of art forgery.

Darcy is tired of being sabotaged by the men in her department, she doesn't expect it to be so intriguing - until she discovers sexy, so when she's assigned to investigate a stolen car, velvet-voiced Dylan Jackson unconscious in the owner's house. When dylan's client disappears, along with the body of a woman found dead in the client's home, the case takes an unexpected turn.

In the Light Tip of the Spear Book 5 - A dead body can’t simply vanish. Working together, the two must solve one of the most twisted cases of both of their careers, all while attempting to corral the passion that flares between them.

Free to Prey Katie Freeman Mysteries Book 5

Julie Mellon - Not happy to be sidelined on the investigation into the mysterious gift, she and her partner, Michael Powell, are assigned to the gruesome murders of a father and his two children. But they never expect the killer’s calling card to reveal a connection to Katie’s past. But when danger hits close to home, their teamwork might be the only thing that ensures they both survive.

. Now that her suspension has been lifted, katie Freeman is determined to return to work, keep her head low, and – most importantly – stay off her boss’s radar. But someone has other plans. Waiting on her desk is a package with shocking contents, with no indication of who sent it - and the implied threat lands Katie in the one spot she was most determined to avoid.

Free to Prey Katie Freeman Mysteries Book 5 - With the threats circling closer, Katie and Michael must work quickly to ensure her survival.

In the System Tip of the Spear Book 6

- All she wanted was to find children missing from the foster system. But her brother’s sexy partner is more than she bargained for. As cody and tera are propelled headfirst into danger, they can only hope their feelings for each other survive the challenges they face. Now, she has to contend with the possibility that her heart is in as much danger as she is.

When cody finds an unconscious woman on the doorstep of Tip of the Spear, his protective instincts kick into high gear. The tiny woman tells a story that makes his blood boil. When tera’s coworker was killed in a car accident, she never dreamed that taking on his case files would endanger her life. But forced to go on the run, she makes her way to the one person she hopes can help her – a brother that she hasn’t seen in years.

In the System Tip of the Spear Book 6 - He knew this case would be a challenge – he just didn’t bargain on falling for this woman in the process. Together they must race the clock to save the missing teenagers all while battling the desire that rages inside of them. Faced with a threat that is bigger than anyone imagined, Cody is determined to ensure her safety and find the missing teenagers before it’s too late.

Free to Believe Katie Freeman Mysteries Book 4

- And to make matters worse, she had brought her partner, Michael Powell, down with her. Twenty-three years ago, three women were murdered and their bodies left in a field -- all evidence pointing to ritualistic killings. Now, here she was with an entire week to ruminate on her possible ruined career. But with only four days to find a murderer, Katie and Michael must race the clock to discover answers before finding out whether the ax will fall on their careers.

. All of that changes when michael and his former partner, Stan Odenthal, show up on her doorstep with a complex cold case that has haunted Stan for over two decades. Why did the killings stop after three? what did the ritualistic markings on the bodies really mean? Why these women? Now with free time on their hands, Katie and Michael agree to help Stan with the one last case he couldn't solve.

Free to Believe Katie Freeman Mysteries Book 4 - Suspended - a word Katie Freeman never thought she would hear. The case remained unsolved, and Stan was bothered by the many unanswered questions and avenues of investigation that were left unexplored.

Free to Scream Katie Freeman Mysteries Book 6

Julie Mellon - When a second woman goes missing, the two agents begin a search that has a very different ending. Kidnapped, and left for dead, she clings to life, tortured, and now it’s up to Katie and Michael to uncover who did this to her. Finding the man responsible will take a combination of new investigative methods and Katie’s unfailing ability to piece together a puzzle - one that is as twisted as the corn maze that has become this perpetrator's hunting grounds.

When a college freshman is reported missing, everyone assumes she ran away. But when her body turns up in a cornfield not far from where she went missing, a different story begins to emerge. There’s nothing like being in the wrong place at the wrong time. An innocent outing lands fbi special Agent Katie Freeman and her partner, Michael Powell, on the trail of a kidnapper whose greatest pleasure is torturing women.