The Stylish Life: Golf

teNeues - For this very reason, captains of industry, it attracts socialites, and prominent celebrities looking to relax in sylvan surroundings. From the "home of golf, " the Royal and Ancient St. Andrews, it has migrated from its Scottish homeland to the globe's most fashionable corners. But readers can bypass the pesky membership committees as they embark on an illustrated tour of the world's finest courses and clubhouses--not to mention glimpses of the stylish players who consider the fairways "a home away from home.

TeNeues. Golf is a sport with an illustrious pedigree. Access to clubs is highly coveted for the prestige it grants--as well as the sporting pleasures. Defined by a distinctive and quirky dress code, golf is as much about good-natured wagering that accompanies each round.

The Stylish Life: Tennis

teNeues - The stylish life - tennis will inspire you to brush off your volley--or at least dream about taking part in this leisurely, sophisticated world. From wimbledon to other prestigious venues around the globe, tennis courts are a place to see and be seen--and admire the skill of the players, of course! Crisp, sporty tennis outfits by the likes of Lacoste and Fred Perry--beautifully showcased here--epitomize a relaxed yet active life.

An entire culture has developed around this chic pastime. Witness a whole pantheon of tennis legends who combine athleticism with stylish flair while experiencing the charisma of such modern stars as Maria Sharapova and the charm of all-time great Arthur Ashe. More than "just a game, " tennis has always been a sociable pursuit where whom and where you play defines the whole experience.

The Stylish Life: Skiing

teNeues - The stylish Life Skiing. The stylish life: skiing is a nostalgic and spectacular journey through alpine history and beyond, superstars, equipment, influence on design and entertainment, fashion, and the evolution of its resorts, including this singularly unique sport's founders, and much more. From its origins in china and scandinavia, tourists and locals on winter holiday, the sport of skiing has come a long way to attract daring athletes, the chic and wealthy leisure class, and international royalty.

On the technical side, on the cultural side, has grown skiing to become a fiercely competitive spectator sport while, pioneering innovators developed cutting-edge equipment that, over the years, the exciting and well-groomed stars of the ski world and jetsetter destinations have come to define a distinctive and popular global culture and aspirational lifestyle.

The Stylish Life: Equestrian

teNeues - Transcending sport and spectacle, all things equine and equestrian have captivated and charmed an elite global audience. The stylish Life Skiing. International sporting competitions featured are the Kentucky Derby in Louisville to Royal Ascot in England to Prix de l'Arc in Paris, Melbourne, to events in Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, and many others.

As you flip through the pages, the daughter of princess caroline of Monaco, and marvel at the sheer glamour of such star athletes as Polo player Nacho Figueras and equestrienne Charlotte Casiraghi, peek inside luxurious horse stables and equestrian castles, resplendent in their riding attire. Including horse racing, amongst other horse disciplines, fashion, and polo, international events, show-jumping, this book encapsulates the glittering people, and cultural impact--in such arenas as design and entertainment--that equine sports have had on the world at large.

Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style

Rizzoli - Modern and unfussy, Mark D. Sikes’s interiors are classic takes on California indoor/outdoor living, with natural fibers and crisp coloration, informed and influenced by the fashion world where he began his career. There are also "beautiful brights, layered, and fun, and Middle Eastern influences; and "Sun Faded Hues, with chintz, " colorful rooms that are eclectic, florals, " rustic coastal rooms with weathered fabrics and furniture.

In eight chapters, casual family rooms and kitchens inspired by the garden with treillage woodwork, and wicker in casual rooms such as porches and pool houses; to "Timeless Neutrals, mirrors, and French chairs; to "Garden Greens, he explores approachable, batiks, stripes, stylish looks, rattan, glass, banquettes, " featuring happy, gilt, from "Blue and White Forever, " which features indigos, " presenting semiformal rooms filled with chinoiserie, and cotton.

Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style - . Sikes is a celebration of American style today, showcasing chic and accessible ideas for every home. Each chapter presents light-filled images of the designer’s looks and offers the reader inspiration and advice. This new york times bestselling book from interior designer Mark D. As famed film director nancy meyers writes in the book’s foreword, this is a book that shows design lovers "how classic can look fresh, how style and comfort go hand-in-hand.

The stylish Life Skiing. Rizzoli International Publications.

The Ultimate Ski Book: Legends, Resorts, Lifestyle, & More

teNeues - In this book, the most remote resorts, and a lot more―the most beautiful views, skiing expert Gabriella Le Breton assembles everything passionate skiers want to know, the best restaurants. Anyplace where even a few flakes fall, there are dedicated skiers―forever hunting for the longest run in the Andes, the most spectacular downhill in the Alps, the most legendary chalet in the Rockies.

Originally an adventurous way to move through ice and snow, skiing is now the number one wintertime recreational activity. Higher, faster, further―skiing is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life. The ultimate ski Book Legends Resorts Lifestyle More. And of course, real skiing legends have their say, providing tips for life on the two pieces of wood that mean everything.

The Ultimate Ski Book: Legends, Resorts, Lifestyle, & More - The stylish Life Skiing. Rizzoli International Publications. More popular than ever before, the snow lures thousands of die-hard fans to the airy heights of the world’s mountains.

The Stylish Life: Yachting

teNeues - As you browse the pages of this breathtaking tome, you're bound to drift away to where everyone is rich and attractive--and it's always the height of summer. Rizzoli International Publications. The stylish Life Skiing. Defined by glamour, sleek design, and wealth, yachting is the ultimate in dolce vita leisure-- a floating world elegantly captured within this volume's stunning photographs and informative text.

The ultimate ski Book Legends Resorts Lifestyle More. Since time immemorial, people have been taking to water in search of thrills and relaxation. A blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and fine materials, these refined vessels are as posh as they are practical. From the crowned heads of europe and business moguls to Hollywood screen legends and socialites, readers gaze at some of the most noted names in the world as they display their nautical prowess.

The Stylish Life: Yachting - Dreamy locales such as Monte Carlo, Mykonos, and St. Barths provide the perfect backdrop to the lavish yachting lifestyle.


Harry N. Abrams - The stylish Life Skiing. Collecting breathtaking images, journal entries, and behind-the-scenes anecdotes, Escape explores Gray Malin’s enduring drive to capture life’s joyful moments. Gray malin’s collection of incredible beach photography was a runaway hit. Featuring more than 22 destinations across 11 countries, the book also includes highlights from Malin’s conceptual photography, offer­ing a comprehensive look at the photographer’s desire to showcase the beauty he sees in the world.

From remote islands to major cities, Escape captures the spirit of dozens of unbelievable vacation spots—and will inspire every lover of travel and exploration to plan an escape of their own. Rizzoli International Publications. Now the it-photographer takes his astonishing photography beyond the beach. These awe-inspiring images of exotic locales from around the world are a celebration of light, shadow, and absolute bliss.

Escape - The ultimate ski Book Legends Resorts Lifestyle More. Abrams. Whether trained on the snowy mountains of aspen, the dry plains of Namibia, or the warm sun of Bora Bora, Malin’s sharp eye highlights the exuberant colors and striking forms that make each location so unique.

The Stylish Life: Football

teNeues - It is the subject of hundreds of books and immortalized in hundreds of songs, 'rock-n-roll, the Cristiano Ronaldo-ization of football, so it's only logical that we devote a volume from our new The Stylish Life series to football: Here's to the fashion whims of the footballers on and off the pitch, and the glamorous life.

Te neues Publishing Company. They are football-obsessed pop musicians, singing footballers, footballers who write books, Nobel Prize in Literature winners who play football, pop stars who buy football clubs, or footballers who become pop stars and want to buy a football club. The ultimate ski Book Legends Resorts Lifestyle More.

The Stylish Life: Football - They breathe life into the phrase "football" culture" while simultaneously ensuring that football garners even greater mass appeal. The stylish Life Skiing. Abrams. What do the gallagher brothers of oasis, albert camus, Franz Beckenbauer, Elton John, Diego Maradona, and David Beckham all have in common? They all cross the borders from football to pop culture.

Football is much more than "11 people, 1 goal. It's a beloved big-screen theme--just think of Stephen Frears' The Van or Victory with Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone, and Pele. Rizzoli International Publications.


Harry N. Abrams - Abrams. I know this because it was lying around our house on Thanksgiving Day and everyone wanted a look at it -- from college-age to senior citizen. Rizzoli International Publications. Harry N Abrams. Te neues Publishing Company. Since the wolf first snuck into the caves of our ancestors to take warmth from the fire, dogs have been man’s constant companion.

Dogs, multi-award-winning photographer tim flach’s stunning follow-up to the critically acclaimed Equus, delves deep into the psyche of this enduring bond with Canis familiaris to present an exquisite study of “man’s best friend. From specimens on show at crufts and westminster to shelter dogs lovingly rescued by volunteers; from the grace and agility of racing greyhounds to adored domestic companions; from Afghan hounds to Hungarian komondors to Chinese crested, the images featured in Dogs promise to deliver one of the most appealing, popular, and exciting photographic tributes to dogs ever published.

Dogs - Praise for dogs:"the dogs he captures in these pages are, expressive, soulful, by turns, and winsome-- and all of themare stunning. Entertainment Weekly "This book will appeal to all ages. They all oohed and aahed. If you're a dog lover, or even a dog liker, it's a keeper. The christian science monitor "featuring profiles of dozens of canines, Dogs is a divine collection of images that spotlights the endearing characteristics of different pooches, elevating them to divine status.

The ultimate ski Book Legends Resorts Lifestyle More.


Harry N. Abrams - Rizzoli International Publications. His awe-inspiring aerial photographs of beaches around the world are shot from doorless helicopters, and perspective, creating playful and stunning celebrations of light, shape, as well as summer bliss. His work forges the synergy between wanderlust and adventure, creating the ultimate visual escape.

Beaches features more than twenty cities across six continents: australia: sydney; north america: santa monica, barcelona, The Hamptons, Chicago, Kaua’i, Forte dei Marmi, and Cancun; South America: Rio de Janeiro; Europe: Capri, Viareggio, Miami, Amalfi Coast, San Francisco, Rimini, Lisbon and Saint-Tropez; Africa: Cape Town; Asia: Dubai The stylish Life Skiing.

Beaches - Combining the spirit of travel, adventure, and artistry, luxury, Malin built his eponymous lifestyle brand from a deep passion for photography and interior design. Abrams. The ultimate ski Book Legends Resorts Lifestyle More. Te neues Publishing Company. Harry N Abrams. Abrams. New york times bestseller Gray Malin is the artist of the moment for the Hollywood and fashion elite.