The Unwilling Miss Watkin Uncommon Courtships Book 4

Edwards and Williams #ad - What only a few know is that Jareth and Eloise had a secret romance years ago. Moving inexorably toward her was her phantom. This sweet traditional Regency romance was originally published by Kensington. Yes, she still had power over the gentlemen. She had been accepted. When scandal once more threatens, can jareth convince the unwilling Miss Watkin that she has tamed him, once and for all?Recommended in The Idiot’s Guide to The Ultimate Reading List under the previous title of Utterly Devoted.

Alone, she wrapped one arm about her waist. A gentleman passing raised a quizzing glass for a better look at her. She smiled radiantly and was rewarded to see the fellow actually stumble. She refused to lose that acceptance now and by her own imagination. She let her eyes roll back in her head and collapsed toward the floor in a faint.

The Unwilling Miss Watkin Uncommon Courtships Book 4 #ad - . The warmth of his breath touched her through the silk of her long gloves. But as he tries to prove to Eloise he has changed, he discovers one thing that will never waiver—his love for her. Notorious rake jareth Darby is back in London, and everyone is talking. The pressure of his lips sent her stomach crashing back down again.


The Irredeemable Miss Renfield Uncommon Courtships Book 3

Edwards and Williams #ad - She could not recall being so acutely aware of how tall he was, and how tiny she felt beside him with her head near his chest. Forever Loves. You do have a plan, don’t you?”His dark eyes were narrowed with obvious confusion. Oh, falling on your sword would be far more entertaining. Bloodthirsty wretch, ” he quipped.

She could not remember admiring the feel of muscle under his coat as she did with this man. Good old leslie is always up for a lark. To fend off her sisters’ attempts at matchmaking, Lord Hastings, she convinces her old friend, to pretend to a courtship. And his reputation is questionable enough to make her family reconsider their plans to marry her off.

The Irredeemable Miss Renfield Uncommon Courtships Book 3 #ad - With his father dead and closest friends married, Leslie finds himself at loose ends, so he agrees to Cleo’s audacious plan only to find that girl he once hunted and fished beside has grown into an enchanting young woman. I have a plan. From award-winning author regina Scott comes a story of a young miss determined to live on her own terms, even if that earns her the title of Irredeemable.

After seeing her two older half-sister sisters miserable in their arranged marriages, Cleo Renfield vows to leave London Society and return to the shelter of the country. They had shared scrapes and scraps together. As his friendship with cleo blossoms into something more, can he convince her to stay in London and make their false courtship a true love?This sweet traditional Regency romance was originally published by Kensington.


The Incomparable Miss Compton Uncommon Courtships Book 2

Edwards and Williams #ad - Could she be the woman he sought? She certainly had the courage to stand up to him. It was too much to hope that she be intelligent as well. From award-winning author Regina Scott comes a tale of intrigue and romance. Plain and penniless, sarah Compton knows her worth lies in her ability to care for her volatile young cousin Persephone.

I must thank you for not giving me away. I wish you luck. She laid a hand on his arm. He was so appalled that the moment of silence stretched. Her voice was deep for a woman. Combining charm, wit, and intrigue with insightful characterizations and glimpses into the true political mindset of the day. Rt book reviews“here’s a delightful tale about two mature people who don’t really believe they can fall in love but find out they can’t help themselves.

The Incomparable Miss Compton Uncommon Courtships Book 2 #ad - Was she some kind of sorceress that he could not focus on his intended interrogation?“I shall try, my lord, ” she said. A charmer. The romance readerexcerpt“forgive my impertinence, my lord, “ she said as they waited to rejoin the set of the dance. I am not in the habit of discussing my affairs with strangers, madam.


The Unflappable Miss Fairchild Uncommon Courtships Book 1

Edwards and Williams #ad - Don’t get sick on me, now. Her heart was pounding as loudly as the thundering hooves of the bays. She’s been groomed to make the best match possible so she can help the two elderly aunts who raised her stave off poverty. Yet as they continued to fly down the road, she began to feel less afraid and more excited.

Relax and enjoy the ride. Relax? had he lost his mind? they whipped past a drayman’s wagon with inches to spare, the neighs of his frightened horses echoing behind them. Anne watched terrified as the ground seemed to hurtle toward her. From award-winning author Regina Scott comes a tale of choosing to follow the rules or being true to your heart.

The Unflappable Miss Fairchild Uncommon Courtships Book 1 #ad - The ever practical anne fairchild knows the rules of engagement in Regency England—the proper way a young lady should seek a husband. Trees, houses, and other carriages whizzed passed so quickly that she barely had time to register them. They careened around a turn, and the curricle tipped onto its right wheel.

Scott's appealing characters will win your heart. Rt book reviewsexcerptshe’d heard that some members of the ton raced their carriages for sport, but she’d had no idea that a carriage could go so fast. He winked at anne, then frowned as if noticing her for the first time.


My True Love Gave to Me The Marvelous Munroes Book 1

Edwards and Williams #ad - As chimes their butler took his many-caped blue-tweed greatcoat, white satin waistcoat, she saw that Alan wore the black trousers, and black cutaway coat of a London Corinthian. She could feel her mother’s disapproval. Pentercast, ” Gen answered quickly for her. She wasn’t sure whether to be disappointed or awed.

The marvelous munroes: What is more marvelous than falling in love? She would have said it had been cut by Weston, although she’d have also wagered there was no padding in the shoulders or calves. Christmas, a time of peace on earth, including making peace with their long-time rivals, joy…and love?Genevieve Munroe is determined to give her newly impoverished family one last happy Christmas, the Pentercasts.

My True Love Gave to Me The Marvelous Munroes Book 1 #ad - Unlike his brother, who was shorter and more powerfully built, he stood a good head taller than anyone in the room. The flutter in gen’s stomach intensified, and she swallowed, looking up to find Alan Pentercast regarding her. Pentercast scurried forward so fast that Gen’s mother had to step back to prevent the purple feather from lodging in her nose.

Unlike the dress his mother wore, the outfit was obviously no copy. How very thoughtful of you to bring it along. Like his brother, he still had the shaggy thatch of brown hair that defied combing and the dark brown eyes that seemed to sparkle with some secret. The sensitive, brave young man she remembered had been replaced by a confident, authoritative gentleman.


The Heiress Objective Spy Matchmaker Book 3

Edwards and Williams #ad - She recovered her composure with an obvious effort and rose to stride majestically to the door. She threw open the door, and he tensed. Fiching, leave Mr. Now deep in debt, his only hope is to marry a wealthy wife. I’ve looked over the prospects carefully, and you were my first choice. His grin broke free. Disappointment in him, as if she had hoped he might be different than the other men who had been rumored to have proposed.

Leave the door open and see that we are not disturbed. How can she believe anything he says?once one of the most successful intelligence agents among the aristocracy, Kevin Whattling gave up his commission when his younger brother was killed in an illegal boxing match. Very well, if you insist. The way she clasped her hands behind her back was a clear attempt to calm herself.

The Heiress Objective Spy Matchmaker Book 3 #ad - Mr. What makes you think we could possibly suit?”He couldn’t help his grin. I’m sentimental enough to want to feel at least a little affection for the woman I marry. When charming corinthian Kevin Whattling does just that, she is stunned. Convention demanded that he rise as well, but he did so with a tremor.

I am grossly in debt and only a quick and advantageous marriage can keep me from Debtor’s Prison.


An Uncommon Christmas: A Prequel Novella to the Uncommon Courtships Series

Edwards and Williams #ad - She most likely won’t remember you beyond tomorrow. Justinian had shrugged off the touch. But when his orphaned niece begs her to carry a kitten to him for Christmas, Norrie cannot refuse, even to losing her position. Justinian darby, a sweet-natured student at the nearby girls’ school, now an earl, always wondered what happened to his first love, who had tutored him one summer when he was home from college, ill.

I daresay she ran off when she realized you were taking her far too seriously. The poor girl was likely frightened out of her wits by your obsessive devotions. He had recoiled, stung. I should at least apologize. You will only embarrass the girl further, ” his father had assured him. If what you say is true, ” he had mused aloud, “then I have done her a disservice.

An Uncommon Christmas: A Prequel Novella to the Uncommon Courtships Series #ad - That is far more important than this momentary infatuation with Miss Pritchett. Remembering now, he closed his eyes and shook his head. Now she returns to his life, bearing, of all things, a kitten. Can that tiny creature, and the wonder of christmas, prove that true love never fades, and hearts once closed can be opened anew?This sweet traditional Regency romance novella was originally published by Kensington in the Mistletoe Kittens anthology.

He had never had the courage to do more than press her hand fervently and recite the most passionate of love poems.


The Marquis' Kiss The Marvelous Munroes Book 3

Edwards and Williams #ad - Certainly his other kisses did not engender such a response. The young lady on his arm had already showed herself to have more appreciation and understanding than either of the young ladies he had previously courted. The redoubtable lady stumbled, and he had to help her back onto her feet. Sorry, ” she mumbled, swallowing convulsively.

The rumors would do his reputation, and Miss Munroe’s, little good. She must have seen the stares as well for she gave his arm a reassuring squeeze. As he turned to leave, he told himself he ought to be depressed. He stopped their walk and bowed to her. You underestimate yourself, madam, ” he told her truthfully.

The Marquis' Kiss The Marvelous Munroes Book 3 #ad - None of them would seriously believe you are courting me. Must have been a bump in the floor. Thomas looked away to give her a moment to compose herself, marveling that so small a matter as a kiss on the hand could be so disturbing. Her fans will be thrilled by this latest release, and so will you!” Affaire de Coeur“Ms.

I’m an Original. Why not try the original miss munroe? From her ideal of living in the moment to her active role in helping the poor, Margaret challenges him. Are you free next friday, around three?”She was staring again, but this time she appeared to be in shock.


Catch of the Season The Marvelous Munroes Book 2

Edwards and Williams #ad - What’s wrong?” he asked. Nothing, ” she said, fidgeting. Scott leavens her tale with entertaining flashes of humor. What is so important that it brings you all the way to London?”“Concern for you, and despite all his efforts, ” Geoffrey replied, his deep voice came out entirely too much like a caress.

Of course you’ll want to do that. An excellent Regency romance. Affaire de Coeur "Ms. Allison munroe is about to have her much-anticipated come out in Regency Society, where she’ll meet dozens of eligible gentlemen, and she couldn’t care less. But every young lady of proper family is expected to have a Season.

Catch of the Season The Marvelous Munroes Book 2 #ad - You don’t need it. Allison shook her head, frown deepening. I’m speaking of your London Season. I know i’m not much of a candidate in your mother’s eyes. Ever since last christmas, only one man has dominated her thoughts, but country squire Geoffrey Pentercast is the last man she should want. She wasn’t even moving.

You have no reason to do that. She blinked, freezing as she had when she’d first seen him.


The June Bride Conspiracy The Spy Matchmaker Book 2

Edwards and Williams #ad - We should return. He took her hand and led her through the door. Disappointment sat like a cloak on her shoulders. I need no one to tell me what a gem you are. No suitors. His head turned as if he was eying her. But when a note arrives cancelling the wedding, Joanna vows that she will be married in June, no matter the cost.

England’s top intelligence agent Allister Fenwick, Lord Trevithan, is shocked when Joanna demands an explanation. What was she to do? if she could not hold Allister’s attention on a moonlit balcony, she very much feared she would never hold it at all. Do you have any idea who might have sent it?”Joanna raised her brows.

The June Bride Conspiracy The Spy Matchmaker Book 2 #ad - Ever?“well, ” she said, certainly I had gentleman callers, back stiffening despite her best efforts. Of course. The cool night air brushed her bare shoulders above the bodice of her gown. Have you something to tell me about our mysterious note, then?” Joanna asked, trying not to allow her concerns to show in tone or action.

Only that i remain on the scent, ” he promised her. No secrets, no tragedy other than the loss of my father too early. Do you wish their names for references?”He started laughing, and her hackles came down. Engaged to the dark and dashing Lord Trevithan, Joanna Lindby should be the happiest of ladies in Regency London.


The Husband Mission The Spy Matchmaker Book 1

Edwards and Williams #ad - Yes, that is exactly why I am here. But by far his best feature was his deep-set vivid blue eyes ringed by golden lashes. Any number of gentlemen visit for that reason. But the stunning gentleman on her front step must never know that he had been chosen for the role of husband to the fair Constance. The quirk of his firm lips told her he knew he was at a disadvantage.

The light shone from eyes bluer than a late afternoon sky, and the ends of his mouth curled up in the most beguiling manner. She had to admit, however, that his air of expectancy in no way detracted from his charm. I am the lady of the house. With no means and few prospects, the spirited spinster is financially beholden to her stepsister Constance, who stands to inherit a large fortune--if she marries in the next six weeks.

The Husband Mission The Spy Matchmaker Book 1 #ad - . His eyes were narrowed, and his shoulders were so tense that she wondered he didn’t rip free from the close-fitting grey coat. The spy matchmaker: all the intrigue of love. Here’s a sneak peek:Katherine hurried to the front door and snatched it open. She decided to make it easy for him and achieve her own purposes in the process.

Most likely you are here to see my stepsister Constance Templeman. What better than to present constance with the perfect husband, wealthy viscount, Lord Borin? After all, Alexander Wescott, Katherine has been spying on the handsome, just to make sure he’s the man she hopes.