Too Soon to Say Goodbye

Random House - Art buchwald has given his friends, their families, and his audiences so many laughs and so much joy through the years that that alone would be an enduring legacy. Months later, feeling good, holding court in a nonstop “salon” for his family and dozens of famous friends, “The Man Who Wouldn’t Die” was still there, and confronting things you usually don’t talk about before you die; he even jokes about them.

He plans his funeral with a priest, a rabbi, and billy graham, to cover all the bases and strategizes how to land a big obituary in The New York Times “Make sure no head of state or Nobel Prize winner dies on the same day”. Buchwald also shares his sorrows: coping with an absent mother, and separation from his wife, childhood in a foster home, Ann.

Too Soon to Say Goodbye - But art has never been just about the quick laugh. What we have here is a national treasure, living life to the fullest, dignity, the complete Buchwald, uncertain of where the next days or weeks may take him but unfazed by the inevitable, with frankness, and humor. He describes how he and a few of his famous friends finagled cut-rate burial plots on Martha’s Vineyard and how he acquired a Picasso drawing without really trying.

His humor is a road map to essential truths and insights that might otherwise have eluded us. Tom brokawwhen doctors told art Buchwald that his kidneys were kaput, the renowned humorist declined dialysis and checked into a Washington, D. C. Hospice to live out his final days.

Here's Johnny!: My Memories of Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show, and 46 Years of Friendship

Thomas Nelson - We talked about our kids, and our careers and the state of America, just two lucky guys who loved each other and the good luck of our careers. Ed mcmahon is the only person who was with Johnny Carson, even before The Tonight Show, when they both first appeared on Who Do You Trust. Now, with johnny's blessing before he died, McMahon can finally share all the stories that only he knows.

Only mcmahon can tell the stories and provide the insights into the personality that made Johnny Carson more of a friend we invited into our home than a television star. This entertaining tribute will feature over 200 pictures, many never before published, from both McMahon's and Carson's private archives.

Here's Johnny!: My Memories of Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show, and 46 Years of Friendship - Here's johnny is like sitting with ed and johnny over lunch:the last time I saw Johnny, we had chicken, a couple of glasses of red wine, about a year before he died, and then we just sat there and reminisced, going back and forth the way we did on the show. From the sofa at johnny's right, to backstage, to their personal relationship - McMahon will provide a real view of the man who was so careful to only show one side of himself to the public.

. Brilliant in front of the camera, but shy in person, Carson seldom gave interviews.

I'm the One That I Want

Ballantine Books - I'm the One That I Want - Thief. Tramp. Trash talker. Margaret cho displays her numerous sides in this funny, fierce, and honest memoir. Comedian. Role model. Tv star. Gypsy. With i’m the one that i want, margaret Cho has written a book every bit as hilarious, shocking, and insightful as she is. And as a warm and wise woman who has seen the highs and lows of life, she has words of encouragement for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

Fag hag. As one of the country’s most visible Asian Americans, she has a unique perspective on identity and acceptance. As one of the country’s funniest and most quoted personalities, she takes no prisoners. Icon.

Switched On: A Memoir of Brain Change and Emotional Awakening

Spiegel & Grau - The transformations robison undergoes throughout the book are astonishing—as foreign and overwhelming as if he woke up one morning with the visual range of a bee or the auditory prowess of a bat. The new york times “Astonishing, brave. Then imagine that someone suddenly switches the lights on. It has long been assumed that people living with autism are born with the diminished ability to read the emotions of others, even as they feel emotion deeply.

But what if we’ve been wrong all this time? what if that “missing” emotional insight was there all along, locked away and inaccessible in the mind? In 2007 John Elder Robison wrote the international bestseller Look Me in the Eye, a memoir about growing up with Asperger’s syndrome. Having spent forty years as a social outcast, misreading others’ emotions or missing them completely, John is suddenly able to sense a powerful range of feelings in other people.

Switched on is a real-life flowers for algernon, a fascinating and intimate window into what it means to be neurologically different, and what happens when the world as you know it is upended overnight. Robison takes readers for a ride through the thorny thickets of neuroscience and leaves us wanting more.

Switched On: A Memoir of Brain Change and Emotional Awakening - The washington post “fascinating for its insights into Asperger’s and research, this engrossing record will make readers reexamine their preconceptions about this syndrome and the future of brain manipulation. Booklist“like books by andrew solomon and Oliver Sacks, Switched On offers an opportunity to consider mental processes through a combination of powerful narrative and informative medical context.

My Girls: A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie

William Morrow - His book, part homage, celebrates their legacies through a more intimate, part memoir, poignant, and often hilarious portrait of these two remarkable women than has ever been revealed before. With thirty-two pages of never-before-seen photos and memorabilia from his family’s private archives, Todd’s book is a love letter to a sister and a mother, and a gift to countless fans who are mourning the deaths of these two unforgettable stars.

Thanks to his funny, his own man, talent, but always close to his cherished mom, Todd remained down to earth, no-nonsense mother, and to his sister through her meteoric rise to stardom and her struggle with demons that never diminished her humor, loving, or spirit. Now, todd shares his heart and his memories of Debbie and Carrie with deeply personal stories from his earliest years to those last unfathomable days.

The stunned public turned for solace to debbie’s only remaining child, Todd Fisher, who somehow retained his grace and composure under the glare of the media spotlight as he struggled with his own overwhelming grief. The son of "america’s sweethearts" Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, Todd grew up amid the glamorous wealth and pretense of Hollywood.

My Girls: A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie - . A revelatory and touching tribute to the lives of carrie fisher and Debbie Reynolds written by the person who knew them best, Todd Fisher’s poignant memoir is filled with moving stories of growing up among Hollywood royalty and illustrated with never-before-seen photos and memorabilia. In december 2016, the world was shaken by the sudden deaths of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, two unspeakable losses that occurred in less than twenty-four hours.

Paul Newman: A Life

Crown Archetype - After struggling as a theater and television actor, newman saw his star rise in a tragic twist of fate, landing the role of boxer Rocky Graziano in Somebody Up There Likes Me when James Dean was killed in a car accident. A food enthusiast who would dress his own salads in restaurants, he launched the Newman’s Own brand dedicated to fresh ingredients, a nonprofit juggernaut that has generated more than $250 million for charity.

In paul newman: a life, film critic and pop culture historian shawn Levy gives readers the ultimate behind-the-scenes examination of the actor’s life, from his merry pranks on the set to his lasting romance with Joanne Woodward to the devastating impact of his son’s death from a drug overdose. The son of a successful entrepreneur, Newman grew up in a prosperous Cleveland suburb.

. He applied that tenacity to every endeavor both on and off the set. Paul newman, the verdict, achieved superstar status by playing charismatic renegades, The Color of Money, broken heroes, Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the Oscar-winning actor with the legendary blue eyes, and winsome antiheroes in such revered films as The Hustler, and Nobody’s Fool.

Paul Newman: A Life - But newman was also an oddity in hollywood: the rare box-office titan who cared about the craft of acting, the sexy leading man known for the staying power of his marriage, and the humble celebrity who made philanthropy his calling card long before it was cool. The outspoken newman used his celebrity to call attention to political causes dear to his heart, including civil rights and nuclear proliferation.

Despite fears that he would fail to live up to his father’s expectations, Newman bypassed the family sporting goods business to pursue an acting career.

Adaptation to Life

Harvard University Press - Adaptation to Life - The result was the compelling, Adaptation to Life, provocative classic, which poses fundamental questions about the individual differences in confronting life's stresses. Between 1939 and 1942, one of america's leading universities recruited 268 of its healthiest and most promising undergraduates to participate in a revolutionary new study of the human life cycle.

George vaillant, director of this study, took the measure of the Grant Study men.

Eleanor: The Years Alone

W. W. Norton & Company - Lash, pulitzer prize-winning biographer and national Book Award-winning writer of Eleanor and Franklin, turns to the seventeen years Eleanor Roosevelt lived after FDR's death in 1945. She continued her activism on behalf of civil rights, as well as her humanitarian work, which led President Harry Truman to call her the First Lady of the World.

Already a major figure in her own right, Roosevelt gained new stature with her work at the United Nations and her contributions to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Lash has created an extraordinary portrait of an extraordinary person. A new york times bestseller"Lash has reached the highest level of the biographer’s art…Astounding.

Eleanor: The Years Alone - Wall street JournalJoseph P.

Extraordinary Lives: The Art and Craft of American Biography

New Word City, Inc. - P. Nagel tells us about "the adams Women" - four generations of women he came to admire while writing his earlier biography of the Adams family. Ronald steel, author of a much-honored biography of the nation's greatest journalist, recalls in "Living with Walter Lippman, " how the life of the biographer can become entwined with that of his subject.

Jean strouse, on the trail of J. Here, six eminent biographers explain the pleasures and problems of their craft of reconstructing other people's lives. The result is a book rich in anecdote and in surprising new information about a variety of famous Americans. David mccullough takes us along on the exhilarating journey to Missouri to find "The Unexpected Harry Truman.

Extraordinary Lives: The Art and Craft of American Biography - Richard B. Morgan, discusses the fact that "there are two reasons why a man does anything, a good reason and a real reason. Robert A. Sewall describes his twenty-year search for the elusive poet, Emily Dickinson. Paul C. Caro reveals the frustrations of trying to unearth the true facts about Lyndon Johnson, a man who went to great pains to conceal them.

Together, these six biographers take us through a gallery of unique American lives - most of them moving, many of them startling, and all of them extraordinary.

Sinatra and the Jack Pack: The Extraordinary Friendship between Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy?Why They Bonded and What Went Wrong

Skyhorse - It will release shortly after a television documentary inspired by the book airs, is filled with a beloved cast of characters, and is the compelling, untold story of a tumultuous relationship between two American icons. Skyhorse publishing, the old west, hitler and his henchmen, medieval times, the jfk assassination, the Third Reich, conspiracies, the American Civil War, the American Revolution, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in history--books about World War II, Vikings, as well as our Arcade imprint, gladiators, ancient Rome, and much more.

Kennedy. In sinatra and the jack pack, Michael Sheridan delves deep into the acclaimed singer’s relationship with the former president. He had his own famed “rat pack, sammy davis, womanizing individuals like himself—guys like Dean Martin, ” made up of hard drinking, Jr. The real chairman of the board, and peter lawford—but the guy “Ol’ Blue Eyes” really wanted to hang with was Lawford’s brother-in-law, John F.

Sinatra and the Jack Pack: The Extraordinary Friendship between Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy?Why They Bonded and What Went Wrong - While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home. Fbi director J. He shares how sinatra emerged from a working class italian family and carved out a unique place for himself in American culture, and how Kennedy, also of immigrant stock, came from a privileged background of which the young Frank could only have dreamed.

By the time the men met in the 1950s, both were thriving—and both liked the good life. A new york times bestsellerFrank Sinatra desperately wanted to be part of John F.

But Enough About Me: A Memoir

G.P. Putnam's Sons - Burt reynolds was a hollywood leading man known for his legendary performances, sex symbol status, and infamous Hollywood romances. In his decades of stardom, Reynolds saw it all. From oscar nominations, to the spread in cosmopolitan magazine, to the financial decisions that took him from rich to poor and back again, Reynolds shares the wisdom that came from his many highs and lows.

He also opens up about his romances and breakups with some of hollywood’s leading women, and his turbulent relationship with Loni Anderson, ” Dinah Shore and Sally Field, including the “two loves of his life, to whom he was forced to pay record-setting amounts of alimony and child support after the couple divorced.

But Enough About Me: A Memoir - . A scandalous, sentimental, no-holds-barred, New York Times bestselling memoir from one of Hollywood’s most legendary stars. Through it all, reynolds reflects on his personal pitfalls and recoveries and focuses on his legacy as a father and acting teacher. But enough about me will, in his words, “call out the assholes, ” try to make amends for “being the asshole myself on too many occasions, ” and pay homage to the superstars and ordinary heroes he came to love and respect.

Beginning with reynolds’s adolescence as a notable football player in South Florida and the devastating car accident that ended his sports career and helped steer him toward acting, But Enough About Me then chronicles Reynolds’s meteoric rise to fame.