We Should Never Meet: Stories

Picador - The eight linked stories that comprise aimee Phan's chilling debut are inspired by "Operation Babylift, " the evacuation of thousands of orphans from Vietnam to America weeks before the fall of Saigon. Passionate and beautifully written, we should never meet is an utterly fresh reconsideration of the Vietnam War for a new generation and heralds the arrival of one of "the very best of the new wave of Asian-American authors" David Wong Louie.

Moving effortlessly between the war-torn homeland and Orange County's "Little Saigon, " Phan chronicles the journeys of four such orphans.

Citizen 13660 Classics of Asian American Literature

University of Washington Press - Now available with a new introduction by Christine Hong and in a wide-format artist edition, this graphic novel can reach a new generation of readers and scholars. Replaces isbn 9780295959894. Citizen 13660, illuminates this experience with poignant illustrations and witty, Okubo's graphic memoir of life in relocation centers in California and Utah, candid text.

Mine okubo was one of over one hundred thousand people of Japanese descent - nearly two-thirds of whom were American citizens - who were forced into "protective custody" shortly after Pearl Harbor.

Seventeen Syllables and Other Stories. Revised and Updated with four new stories.

Rutgers University Press - Used book in Good Condition. Seventeen syllables and Other Stories brings together nineteen stories that span Hisaye Yamamoto's forty-year career. Yamamoto's themes include the cultural conflicts between the first generation, the Issei and their children, the Nisei; coping with prejudice; and the World War II internment of Japanese Americans.

. It was her first book to be published in the United States.

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts

Vintage - A warrior of words, she forges fractured myths and memories into an incandescent whole, achieving a new understanding of her family’s past and her own present. Kingston’s sense of self emerges in the mystifying gaps in these stories, which she learns to fill with stories of her own. In her award-winning book the woman warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston created an entirely new form—an exhilarating blend of autobiography and mythology, of world and self, of hot rage and cool analysis.

. Great product! First published in 1976, it has become a classic in its innovative portrayal of multiple and intersecting identities—immigrant, Chinese, female, American. As a girl, kingston lives in two confounding worlds: the California to which her parents have immigrated and the China of her mother’s “talk stories.

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts - The fierce and wily women warriors of her mother’s tales clash jarringly with the harsh reality of female oppression out of which they come. Used book in Good Condition.

No-No Boy Classics of Asian American Literature

University of Washington Press - Great product! It was not until the mid-1970s that a new generation of Japanese American writers and scholars recognized the novel's importance and popularized it as one of literature's most powerful testaments to the Asian American experience. Used book in Good Condition. Unwilling to pledge himself to the country that interned him and his family, Ichiro earns two years in prison and the hostility of his family and community when he returns home to Seattle.

As ozeki writes, tormented" voice subverts japanese postwar "model-minority" stereotypes, Ichiro's "obsessive, rage, showing a fractured community and one man's "threnody of guilt, and blame as he tries to negotiate his reentry into a shattered world. The first edition of no-no Boy since 1979 presents this important work to new generations of readers.

No-No Boy Classics of Asian American Literature - . No-no boy tells the story of Ichiro Yamada, a fictional version of the real-life "no-no boys. Yamada answered "no" twice in a compulsory government questionnaire as to whether he would serve in the armed forces and swear loyalty to the United States. First published in 1957, no-no boy was virtually ignored by a public eager to put World War II and the Japanese internment behind them.

No-no boy has the honor of being among the first of what has become an entire literary canon of Asian American literature, " writes novelist Ruth Ozeki in her new foreword.

Dogeaters Contemporary American Fiction

Penguin Books - A wildly disparate group of characters—from movie stars to waiters, a film festival, from a young junkie to the richest man in the Philippines—becomes caught up in a spiral of events culminating in a beauty pageant, and an assassination. As sharp and fast as a street boy’s razor. It is a world in which american pop culture and local Filipino tradition mix flamboyantly, storytelling, and gossip, and extravagant behavior thrive.

. A rich small feast of a book. The new york times book review Welcome to Manila in the turbulent period of the Philippines’ late dictator. Great product! In the center of this maelstrom is Rio, a feisty schoolgirl who will grow up to live in America and look back with longing on the land of her youth. Entertaining and compelling.

Dogeaters Contemporary American Fiction - . At the end, you emerge from its intense, dreamlike world feeling as if you’ve been to the Philippines. The philadelphia inquirer “hagedorn transcends social strata, witty, gender, and politics in this exuberant, culture, and telling portrait of Philippine society. The san diego union   Used book in Good Condition.

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Townsend Press - Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed Used book in Good Condition. Great product! . Clean copy with minimal signs of use. Tracking number is immediately provided! always within 24 hours.

Native Speaker

Riverhead Books - Used book in Good Condition. Great product! Great product! It is about fathers and sons, about the desire to connect with the world rather than stand apart from it, about loyalty and betrayal, about the alien in all of us and who we finally are. But the very attributes that help him to excel in his profession put a strain on his marriage to his American wife and stand in the way of his coming to terms with his young son's death.

When he is assigned to spy on a rising korean-american politician, his very identity is tested, and he must figure out who he is amid not only the conflicts within himself but also within the ethnic and political tensions of the New York City streets. Park's harsh korean upbringing has taught him to hide his emotions, to remember everything he learns, and most of all to feel an overwhelming sense of alienation.

Native Speaker - The debut novel from critically-acclaimed and New York Times–bestselling author of On Such a Full Sea. In other words, it has shaped him as a natural spy. Native speaker is a story of cultural alienation. But even as the essence of his adopted country continues to elude him, his Korean heritage seems to drift further and further away.

In native speaker, author Chang-rae Lee introduces readers to Henry Park. Park has spent his entire life trying to become a true American—a native speaker.

Rolling the R's

Kaya Press - Zamora linmark treats the music of the bee gees and schoolyard bullying as equally formative experiences in the lives of a group of Filipino fourth-graders living in Kalihi, Honolulu, who call themselves the "Farrah Fawcett Fan Club. The characters’ stories unfold largely in the documentary detritus of their lives―their poems and prayers, book reports and teacher evaluations―all written in carefully observed, pitch-perfect vernacular.

Rolling the r’s goes beyond "coming of age" and "coming out" to address the realities of cultural confusion, as Matthew Stadler writes, "stylish, prejudice and spiraling levels of desire in humorous yet haunting portrayals that are, shameless and beautiful. This special twentieth anniversary edition includes a new essay by the author, introducing one of the most original and iconic stories of the Asian diasporic experience and an essential work of fiction in the Asian American literary canon.

Rolling the R's - Used book in Good Condition. Now back in stock, pidgin and perspective roll every "are, Linmark’s tour-de-force experiments in narrative structure, " throwing new light on gay identity and the trauma of cultural assimilation. Illuminated by pop fantasies, donna summer disco tracks and teen passion, the fiercely earnest characters in Rolling the R’s come to life against a background of burning dreams and neglect in a small 1970s Hawaiian community.

Great product! Zamora linmark born 1968 is a writer and poet currently based in Honolulu and Manila. He has published three poetry collections, two novels and adapted Rolling the R’s for the stage in 2008.

When the Emperor Was Divine

Anchor - Like thousands of other japanese americans they have been reclassified, virtually overnight, as enemy aliens and are about to be uprooted from their home and sent to a dusty internment camp in the Utah desert. Great product! Anchor Books. The debut novel from the pen/faulkner award winning author of the buddha in the Attic On a sunny day in Berkeley, California, returns to her home, in 1942, a woman sees a sign in a post office window, and matter-of-factly begins to pack her family's possessions.

. Great product! Used book in Good Condition. When the emperor was divine is a work of enormous power that makes a shameful episode of our history as immediate as today's headlines. In this lean and devastatingly evocative first novel, the omnipresent fear and loneliness, Julie Otsuka tells their story from five flawlessly realized points of view and conveys the exact emotional texture of their experience: the thin-walled barracks and barbed-wire fences, the unheralded feats of heroism.

The Gangster We Are All Looking For

Anchor - This acclaimed novel reveals the life of a Vietnamese family in America through the knowing eyes of a child finding her place and voice in a new country. In 1978 six refugees—a girl, her father, and four “uncles”—are pulled from the sea to begin a new life in San Diego. Used book in Good Condition.

. Anchor Books. Great product! As the girl grows, her matter-of-fact innocence eddies increasingly around opaque and ghostly traumas: the cataclysm that engulfed her homeland, most inescapable, the memory of a brother who drowned and, her father’s hopeless rage. But life loses none of its strangeness when the family is reunited.

The Gangster We Are All Looking For - In the child’s imagination, hears the distress calls of inanimate objects, the world is transmuted into an unearthly realm: she sees everything intensely, and waits for her mother to join her. Great product! .