Wrong Family: For Every Secret, There Is A Family

- In order to break the dysfunctional cycle, charisse needs to overcome the chaos caused by generations of family secrets, extreme poverty, fanatical religion and sexual abuse all of which leaves her ill equipped to make her own adult decisions. Can she overcome a legacy of lies? Charisse always felt like she was born into the wrong family and at fourteen finds out that she has a different father than her four sisters.

Rise: A Memoir

Black Bamboo Press - This story is a testament to her deep determination and innate courage. An ability to riserisé was named after the opera star Risë Stevens. In fact, and molestation of her childhood, from a young age Risé found a way to rise above the chaos, eventually escaping the weight of her family, abuse, and learning to love and believe in herself.

It was as if her mother knew that Risé was not meant to be written into the family’s tragedies.

Memoirs of an Invisible Child Hope in the Darkness Book 1

- Trust me, no matter where your story lies, you can find happiness. What would happen to her five unintentionally abandoned children? The heartbreak of the devastating loss of my mother was just the beginning of a series of tragic events that shaped my childhood. I was forced to take on the role of the invisible child for self-preservation.

Finding hope in the darkness! at the young age of three, while I was at school, my mother was murdered by her abusive new boyfriend. Overcoming obstacles that were meant to destroy me taught me many powerful lessons about strength, resilience, and faith. You just need to have faith and keep moving forward step by step until you find your peace.

Memoirs of an Invisible Child Hope in the Darkness Book 1 - Lost in the chaos of abuse, I was the unseen collateral damage of domestic violence. I want to show you that no matter how dark your world seems, there is a light shining right outside the door. I figured you can’t hurt what you can’t see. Despite all the sadness in this book, my story has a happy ending.

My Life as a Sister Wife: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Karen Miller - She never imagined when she grew up, she'd be lured into a polygamous marriage, spend her spare time dumpster diving to feed her kids, and fighting to escape her increasingly demented husband. How was she lured into such a lifestyle? what was day to day life like in the polygamous community? What eventually drove Miller to seek a new way of life?My Life As a Sister Wife: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You is the gripping, true-life story of Miller's life, beginning with her traumatic childhood and ending with her eventual freedom from a polygamous cult in Utah.

 . As a young girl, Karen Miller lived a quiet life in Australia.

Wednesday's Children: The Memoirs of a Nurse-Turned-Social-Worker in Rural Appalachia

- When a friend urges her to switch from nursing to paramedic medicine and child protection social work, Kate accepts the challenge and finds herself in an isolated rural area of the Appalachian Mountains. Here a new set of challenges await: technical cliff rescues and hikes into remote back-country “hollers” to remove child victims of sexual assault from their homes only to have an indifferent judge order them back the next day, and dealing with some of America’s poorest and most distrustful citizens.

And from all appearances, and even though she’s white, former members of the ku klux Klan have just set her house on fire…Based on the memoirs of a registered nurse-turned-social worker, this is a tale of heartbreak and laughter, courage and cowardice seasoned with a candid look at the early days of social work and emergency rescue medicine that will both challenge and renew your faith in humanity.

Wednesday's Children: The Memoirs of a Nurse-Turned-Social-Worker in Rural Appalachia - Warning: Some graphic content. Delivering welfare babies, warding off voodoo spells, and living in a town that still seems to be fighting the Civil War—small wonder young RN Kate Jacobs quickly grows disenchanted with nursing in the Lowcountry of coastal South Carolina.


Daniella DeChristopher LLC - Abortions were illegal. She was my mother. This book chronicles the effects the birth of an unwanted child had on three families and three generations. My greatest dream was to have a home and a family I could call my own. It shares her fight for survival to care for us, and how she eventually gave up and left me with strangers.

When their youngest unwed daughter became pregnant, her family disowned her. It was 1949. The book tells you about the bad decisions I made along the way, and the price I paid because of them. It takes you through the unsettling chain of events that followed when my mother’s family sent her away. This story is about an Italian Catholic family that came to America on vacation and never returned to their homeland.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: A Daughter's Story - . I share with my readers the lessons I learned about life, and how I finally managed to find happiness. I spent a lifetime trying to find my place in the world. After years of separation we reunited, but I struggled to forgive her for all she had done. She was seventeen when she gave birth.

Riding Standing Up: A Memoir

Cage Free Publishing - She shows us we don’t have to be perfect to be worthy and that there’s power in being real. Two loving parents, a beautiful home, and grandparents that doted on her. Life was a dream until the day that changed everything. Sparrow spaulding was born into the perfect family. Get ready to laugh out loud and cry more tears than you’d like as you follow her on her journey to empowerment, never knowing what’s around the corner.

Brutally honest, truth-teller Sparrow Spaulding has been an unsung antiheroine…until now. Follow her on her journey as she tells the story of her traumatic childhood and how she fought hard to stay strong despite her circumstances. In riding standing up, spaulding’s compelling storytelling will have you on the edge of your seat.

Riding Standing Up: A Memoir - Sparrow's perfect life was ripped away at age three in one tragic moment that would forever change her.

Secret Storms: A Mother and Daughter, Lost then Found

Blue Blazer - Of what it is to be a family, and to never lose hope-- because anything is possible. She spends her pregnancy surrounded by the mentally challenged and the criminally insane. An indie reader discovery Award and National Indie Excellence Book Award Winner. A pregnant, against her will, upper class nineteen-year-old Philadelphia Main Line debutante is confined, to a state mental hospital.

This amazing mother-daughter writing team exemplifies the concept to the max. Every plot twist, every emotion touches a chord, even for those of us who have not had to endure such a brutal separation. She is adored and cherished from the very beginning. Read it and weep—and then finally rejoice. The plot is dickensian, the revealing of it, rife with villains and struggle, breathtaking in its simplicity and heartbreaking in its courage.

Secret Storms: A Mother and Daughter, Lost then Found - Written in two distinct and deeply expressive voices, their stories seamlessly meld together in a breathtaking ending. The book is beautifully written and. Compelling, to the extent that readers might feel they are sitting with the authors, listening to them tell their tale.

Overcoming Child Abuse - The Fifth Sister: From Victim to Victor

Laura Landgraf - Readers who have experienced incest will find their anguish validated by this book. For the next eight years, she and her four sisters struggled to survive the nightmare of sexual and emotional abuse. As an adult, she buried memories of her family’s dysfunction and tried to build the most perfect life she could imagine.

But above all,  the Fifth Sister is a story of hope. But when she discovered that her father was still an incestuous abuser, she knew she had to face her past to protect her children. With that evidence and the help of the Adam Walsh Center, at last, she was able, to legally protect her children. From oregon to the wild beauty of africa’s interior and back, the fear, the manipulation and control, the losses, Laura renders life as they lived it—the isolation, the tentative and fragile bonds of sisterhood—with humor and a growing sense of self.

Overcoming Child Abuse - The Fifth Sister: From Victim to Victor - The fifth sister explores incest’s devastating effects on two continents, over three decades. Laura was ten, crouched outside her parents’ bedroom, when she overheard that her father had made her oldest sister pregnant. In this compelling, and spiritual abuse, intimate, sexual, and artfully told story, the burning desire to transcend the family script, readers will experience the crushing impact of psychological, physical, and the gritty determination to succeed.

. Going undercover, she was able to prove a twenty-year history of molestation, which her mother aided and abetted. Those who have not faced this trauma will gain deep understanding of dysfunctional families that have many secrets.

Torture Mom: A Chilling True Story of Confinement, Mutilation and Murder True Crime

Ryan Green Publishing - If you are especially sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to read any further. She was starved, beaten, burned and had the words "I am a prostitute and proud of it" carved into her stomach. What transpired in the following three months was both riveting and chilling. In october 1965, the body of sylvia Likens was found in the basement of the Baniszewski home, where she had been imprisoned.

The baniszewski household was overrun with children. Gertrude baniszewski oversaw and facilitated the torture and eventual murder of Sylvia Likens. In july 1965, teenagers sylvia and jenny Likens were left in the temporary care of Gertrude Baniszewski, a middle-aged single mother and her seven children. While she played an active role in Sylvia's death, the majority of the abuse was carried out by her children and other neighbourhood youths.

Torture Mom: A Chilling True Story of Confinement, Mutilation and Murder True Crime - The case shocked the entire nation and would later be described as "The single worst crime perpetuated against an individual in Indiana's history". Caution: this book contains descriptive accounts of abuse and violence. There were few rules and ample freedom. Sadly, the environment created a dangerous hierarchy of social Darwinism where the strong preyed on the weak.

Tell it All A Woman's Life in Polygamy

Diagonal Press - Stenhouse. Living in europe they were unaware of how their religion was developing in the Midwest and how the practice of plural marriage was beginning to become ever more prevalent among the members of their faith. Responding to encouragement and counselling they eventually emigrated to the promised land of Utah and to their horror they began to learn that the rumors of Joseph Smith’s polygamic revelation were true and that some of the church leadership, such as Brigham Young, had over fifty wives.

Tell it all provides fascinating insight into how the Mormon faith was developing in the mid-nineteenth century and how women such as Fanny were struggling to come to terms with doctrines such as polygamy. The church of jesus christ of latter day saints largely distanced itself from polygamy in the later-nineteenth century, much due to the work of women such as Fanny Stenhouse and others including a former wife of Brigham Young, Ann Eliza Young.

Tell it All A Woman's Life in Polygamy - This book also uncovers some of the other darker moments of Mormon history such as the Mountains Meadows Massacre, in which the men and women of an emigrant wagon train were indiscriminately slaughtered by Mormons of the Nauvoo Legion. Added more details on polygamy, on brigham young’s life in polygamy, and on the Mountains Meadows Massacre” The John Whitmer Historical Association JournalFanny Stenhouse was an early Mormon pioneer who, along with her husband T.

H. B. Stenhouse, defected from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, largely due to their disagreements with the church about polygamy.